Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A few of my girlfriends and I were chatting over coffee and cake one night (when I was in Singapore) and we came up with some phrases/ words that just happen to rub us the wrong way.

S said she doesn't like it when people say, "True that."

N doesn't like it when people go, "Uh-huh. Uh-huh."

I can't remember what A didn't like but it kinda takes a lot to get that girl's feathers ruffled though.

I'd like to add two more today. Both are kinda used in the same way but here are some examples:

"Beauty" - used when people like what they hear.

A: So everything is good to go?
B: Yes.
A: Beaut. or Beauty.

"Grand" - also used when people like what they hear.

A: What time are we meeting?
B: 1pm.
A: Grand.

Why? Why? Why do they say these?

In other news, I do miss tea and cake with all my girlfriends. Or beer/ champagne.

Good times with the kiddo

This last week has been the best of the three weeks I've been on "intermittent leave" thanks to the weather. As long as it's sunny out, there's a chance for Miranda and I to go out and "play". We've been to the river for a walk, the park for a picnic, the playground and the mall for a movie. We're also meeting with Kelly and Eliana in the city tomorrow for Japanese food and the NGV.

It was so fun taking her to the movies yesterday. Just a pity D couldn't be there as well since we're both taking turns looking after her. The baby movie sessions are usually held first thing in the morning so the theatre was full of parents with little ones - some with infants even! We were there for the 10am screening of Despicable Me 2. Truth be told, I didn't quite understand the hype around the first one. I had watched it and thought it was so-so but the sequelwas really good. Unfortunately, it was either a tough crowd or parents who were struggling with their babies/ kiddos so they weren't paying attention? I heard only myself and Miranda laughing (because she was imitating me) most of the time. =_=

Oh! And over the past three weeks, Miranda has been picking up a lot of words. So now I know it really happens in a flash, as they say! I love how her words sound like complete nonsense to others but they make total sense to us. And the pride on her face when she knows that we get it. But then, sometimes her words do sound like complete nonsense to us as well. It's a bit like Joey in Friends when he tries to imitate Phoebe speaking French. It's hilarious that she cannot hear the difference sometimes. Ah, I wish this phase never ends!

A few pictures from the last few weeks and another video of the picnic:

 Dressing up Mr Bear, who is now one of her favourites.

Wonder when she'll get tired of accessorising. Probably never?

What better way to occupy a kid when it's cold outside?

Dress up Mommy day.

Oh to be happiest at the simplest things. :)

 These two. Partners in crime.

What Dwayne and I are hoping our backyard will look like.

Our new lemon tree.

Look at the two of them - so grumpy.

 Maccas for brekkie yesterday.

 A lot of shopping done while waiting for the movie to start - eeeeverything was for Miranda!

Movie time. She was so engrossed and kept saying, "Wow!" throughout the first half of the show.

More dress-up.

                                 This morning, first time helping Mommy make pancakes.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Winter Ain't Winnin'!

Packed up some goodies when Miranda was napping and walked as quickly as we could to the pond before the sun set. She loved the whole experience. It's her first time since understanding what a picnic is, thanks to Peppa Pig. :)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

That Kinda Weekend

So this is how it goes..when we have weekends packed with planned activities, they are always looked forward to and are obviously a lot of fun. But they also leave you weary, you can't quite get all the chores done in good time and it kinda leaves you too exhausted to face the coming week.

A weekend like the one past was wonderful. It was still cold but because it was sunny, we didn't have to be confined indoors. We walked down the Werribee River, a five minute drive from our place, on Saturday and brought her to the playground on Sunday.

I made yummy Chinese soups with my newly found dried scallops and dried octopus. I baked a banana chocolate cake...which Miranda totally looooved. Her first time trying it and she just kept going, "Mmmm..yummy!" And I also read a book and watched 1.5 movies.  Good weekend? I think so!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Walk in the Park

Every time we tell Miranda we're going out, she always asks, "Duck?". And you know what, we've been breaking this poor little girl's heart every single time since we got back from our holiday. The weather has just been woeful. Cloudy, dreary and grey.

Seeing as yesterday was the first sunny day since I've been home with her, I told her we were going to see the ducks as soon as she got up from her afternoon nap.

We quickly bundled up and headed for the park. The moon was already out and the sun was about to set. But we walked briskly, half of the time she was in the stroller and I only let her walk when the ducks were in good viewing range. Still, she was beyond thrilled.

I totally live for days like these.

Wild flowers.

Paint Me a Picture

I caved last week and let her play with a fuss-free watercolor palette. At first she couldn't quite understand why she wasn't being dressed in her leggings and long-sleeved top, her winter uniform. I put the heater on quite high and let her run around in a singlet and her knickers. Then I placed some paper and the watercolors in front of her. She was beyond thrilled and began wielding the paintbrush like a wand and putting her magic down to paper. Towards the end of our little art session,  I taught her how to paint her palms and made little prints of her palm all over the paper. She quickly decided she didn't want to be dirty and asked me to clean her up. This girl...she can't even stand a little bit of chocolate on her siree.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Funny thing

Something funny happened a few Sundays ago.

Miranda was creating a ruckus at mass and Dwayne had no choice but to bring her out.While he was out there, I could see from the glass window that he was standing beside an older lady who was carrying a child but trying to comfort Miranda at the same time.

He brought her in when she settled down but then she started to cry again. Mass times are the worst since it's so close to her nap times.

So I brought her out instead and I saw the same lady outside. She approached us and started to stroke Miranda's head and said, "Is she ok now? Feeling better?" Then she walked in front of Miranda to face her and said, "Hang on. This is the same girl as earlier, right?" I laughed and said, "Yes!"

And the lady said, "Oh..she was with an adult just now."

And I said, "Yea, that was my husband."

I swear to God, she looked like she had the worst shock of her life or something.