Monday, September 30, 2013

How Long Will I Love You

I love this song. 
It makes me think of my husband and daughter and how I don't know what I would do without either of them.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thursday Inspiration

Thursday Inspiration

1. Just those tan/brown belts against mint/ forest greens
2. Crop top midi skirt combo done right.
3. "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before"
4. Periwinkle underwear by Elle McPherson

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Emmys 2013

I haven't watched the Emmys but as usual, I couldn't wait to see who was wearing what on the red carpet. It's actually my favourite part of awards shows (of course, except when someone good is hosting - bring Ricky Gervais back on again!!!).

I thought the red carpet this year was pretty blah though. Then again, I did notice a trend that I rather liked - subtle cuts on otherwise modest dresses. Here are a few. Very elegant, no?

Wonder if I can get something like that for Dwayne's company dinner this year.

The Yoga Thing

So this yoga thing has really been kicking my butt lately. I'm really enjoying it but one session lasts 90 minutes and to be honest, at 70 minutes, I'm quite ready to play dead. I'm even tempted to just sit out. Then I think, "Just another 20 minutes! I can do this!!!" 

I find it amusing that I truly do not have any thoughts outside yoga for 85 minutes since I'm always thinking about something or other! The last 5 minutes, though, all I can think about is a shower so I can cuddle Miranda, who would have had a bath by then (Dwayne doesn't care. He will hug me regardless!). Also, for someone who never perspired before, I think I'm more than making up for that. Even when I ran a half, only my skin was sticky. (I always wondered what was wrong with me.) Now, I can barely interlock my fingers together long enough to hold my foot up before the sweat threatens to let them give way.

I give it my all for the whole session and really try to attempt the poses. Actually, it's a little frustrating that I still can't touch my toes, no matter how hard I try. I'm convinced it's because my body is wayyy too short for my legs (that's why I look like a clown in a one-piece swimsuit). So I wonder if I will ever be flexible and will ever do a pose the way it's supposed to look like.

For now though, I guess I will keep trying. I always tell Miranda to "try" no matter what she's doing. She's already got it instilled in her. Ask her what she's doing when she's attempting a puzzle or building a tower with her blocks and she'll reply, "Trying."

I need to instill it in myself.

Monday, September 23, 2013

House Woes

Early this morning, I got an e-mail notifying me that something I ordered on eBay was being discontinued and I would not be getting it. 

My heart felt so broken. 

It was the second home-related disappointment in less than a month. The first being that bar cart I ordered was damaged during shipping! Ohhh, I still can't really get over that. 

Anyway, because of this double whammy, I expressed disappointment to this seller, which I usually don't like to do because s*** happens to everyone, right? As a result, she quickly tracked down another manufacturer and I will be getting it sooner than expected.

1. Sometimes you just need to express your thoughts instead of holding them in.

Now if only I can find another (reasonably-priced) bar cart. :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Miranda loves puzzles. I think she has quite a knack for them and I love to see that pride and joy on her face when she completes one. We have quite a few at home but she's just managed to tackle her most challenging one so I thought it was about time for some new ones.

We went out to the Plaza on Friday and headed for Collins Booksellers hoping to get some more of those gorgeous Innovative Kids wooden sets with the carry cases. But alas! Not only did they not have any more, they were also closing down! Very sad news for the both of us.

Went online to look for more stockists and learned that my favourite Book Depository is one of them! They are costlier than the ones I got before but at least shipping is free. :) Found a few Melissa & Doug ones as well on Toy Galaxy.


I can't wait for her to get her little hands on these and start challenging herself again. :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thursday Inspiration

I love her a little bit more every time I read/ watch her interviews. Such an inspiration - the grace, beauty and brains.

 This man and his words of wisdom. Will introduce Miranda to his work as soon as possible.

Just love the combo but I would probably go for lighter pink peonies.

Also, outfit inspiration?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life is Good

It was my father-in-law's birthday yesterday. To celebrate, have been feasting pretty much since Sunday night when the whole family went out for dinner. We went out to Mamak in the city for some Malaysian fare. Shared some mee goreng, satay and roti prata. SO good but so sinful. 

And yet we continued with the bad stuff for Monday night's dinner - I made chicken enchiladas, always a winner in our home. Hmm, what can I say - Twas a prelude to the birthday hah! 

Last night, for his actual birthday, we had takeaway Indian food. My FIL loves his Indian food so we thought, rather than go out to dinner at the restaurant and have Miranda get restless after a while, it was better to just dine in. We got fish tikka, prawn masala, beef vindaloo, chilli chicken and aloo gobi. After that, we each tucked into a slice of chocolate mousse tart and a slice of strawberry tart. After a glass of wine, I was just ready for bed. Felt super bloated too. Yuck.

So for today and the next few days, I'm going to be on an active detox! Only clean food for me - A yummy beetroot, celery, carrot and ginger juice for breakfast, egg white scramble and broccoli for lunch and probably something very light for dinner since I'm not usually hungry after yoga anyway. Wish me luck!

A few photos from IG:

I wanted to squeeze her when she was posing! She insisted on wearing this skirt when she found out that she was seeing her cousin, Talia for dinner that night. Not pictured is a bag she carried. She said she was going shopping with Talia. When Talia saw the bag, she kept wanting to carry it. Miranda would ask to carry it for a while and Talia would say she wanted it. I couldn't stop marveling at how Miranda would just give in (although Dwayne and I think she might be like that only with Talia). My little doll!

Chicken enchiladas*

Coles was having a hard-to-resist offer of two packs of strawberries for $4 so I grabbed them, all the while knowing I wanted to recreate a real-life version of Miranda's toy strawberry tart. 

Miranda was absolutely thrilled when she saw it and she loved it to bits!

Came home last night and presented him with his gift. 

Dwayne and I are incredibly grateful for everything he has done for us - taking care of Miranda and loving her like only grand-dads can, helping us with the shifting and then with everything else related to the house. He is very much a part of this home and we want him to feel as comfortable as he possibly can during the 5 days he is here. He enjoys surfing the internet but we don't have a computer with a mouse, which he is used to. Since he rather likes using the iPad, we got him one for himself. This way, he won't be so bored during train rides here too.

Indian food feast

Chocolate mousse tart I made especially for his birthday - he has such a sweet tooth and chocolate has to be his favourite of all!

Miranda got a package from one of my best friends too. She loved the card probably more than the pretty gifts - It had a teapot, a teacup and a cupcake. You stole her heart, Aunty Nurul!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ikea Madness

Spent almost the whole Saturday afternoon shopping at Ikea. We were on a mission to maximise space at home. The other mission was to keep Miranda off every single item in Ikea.

Have you brought your kids to Ikea? It's heaven for them! And a nightmare for us - Miranda probably sat on every couch, chair, stool, pushed herself up on consoles, tables, shelves etc. She just went wild!

I like the white bed Miranda's sitting on in the pictures but we're going to let her have a trial first in her cot, which converts to a bed. Plus I've decided not to do anything to her room till we have a big girl bed for her, which will make it all the more exciting :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friday Play

Last Friday was the first Friday since Miranda's birthday that I had her all to myself. I really missed it and was looking forward to her company all week.

With all her new toys, we were definitely spoiled for choice. We played with her train set, built blocks, tossed some salad in her kitchen, played with some lego, her first Barbie (she calls her Bobby) and watched some TV.  And oh, some cheerleading. ;)

 This is definitely my favourite activity with her. But Miranda asks to "clean up" way too soon!

Using her little mitten.

 Animals climbing into Noah's Ark


Totally makes my day, everyday this girl. :)

Happy 5 Years.

On Friday the 13th last week, it was our fifth wedding anniversary.

Our wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life. Dwayne and I had finally tied the knot after a 3-year-and-3-month long distance relationship. The thought of not being apart again made me feel.. safe, if you will.

We counted 10 years together in June and we were marveling at how we are still not sick of each other in spite of how much we fight. Over Miranda. Over time. On TV shows, board games...and oh, what have you.

But in the end, there's really no one else I want to be with. Because I want to laugh until I cry all the time. He makes my cheeks hurt, my belly ache and my tears stream down involuntarily. I truly believe Miranda is such a giggler because we laugh so much in our home. Laughter is the most addictive drug and I've always known I wanted to be with someone witty, reliable and with the same moral values.







I have a habit of watching our wedding video and looking through our wedding box every now and again (esp on our anniversary). Found the placecards/ menu that had one of my favourite lines by Henry James from Washington Square - "If my affections could do so, all the days of your life will be an eternal sunshine".

 Awkward, rushed pic before we headed out to our anniversary dinner on Friday night.

We went to one of our favourite Mexican restaurants for dinner, Los Amates.
The last time we were supposed to come here was for Dwayne's 30th - but someone decided to make a grand entrance that very night. ;)

 Grilled corn and crackling with guacamole for entrĂ©e.

Corn cake and flan for dessert.

Mains were a letdown. :(

Who got whom what?

This year, being our fifth, the traditional gift idea is wood. It represents strength.

Dwayne got me a wooden photo frame (I love it!) and I got ---- the best opportunity to send him flowers (strength & beauty) at work!!!!!! He was teased mercilessly by the guys but applauded by the ladies.  

I mean, when I got the call from him in the afternoon, it was the best thing ever. Hahahaha!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Teddy & Bear

Miranda has several teddy bears, some quite expensive and some were gifted but she only has time for two of them, Teddy & Bear. As I said before, she is very creative with naming. I bought Teddy for her when she was a few months old and she found Bear herself in Target, when we were browsing around one day while waiting for some friends to join us for lunch. It was love at first sight, I think. She held on to it, refusing to let go until we paid for it (and I swear, she never does that). Luckily, Bear came rather cheaply!

She includes Bear and Teddy in a lot of things she does. They accompany her while she is painting, she makes them build blocks with her, makes them count with her (with their paws), has tea with them and of course, brings them to bed with her.

 The first day she met Bear.

Notice how I haven't referred to Bear & Teddy in a certain gender.

Peppa Pig, whom Miranda adores as well, has a teddy bear named Teddy. In this episode below, it's Peppa's birthday and she has been gifted a dress for Teddy. Daddy Pig says he didn't know Teddy was a girl. This has been something I've been wondering of Miranda's little friends too.

Anyway, I was browsing the Pumpkin Patch website and found some clothes for teddy bears. This dress below is just the sweetest thing. I had initially wanted to buy it for Miranda in her size when I first saw it a couple of months ago but she has a dress that she wore on her first birthday that was similar so I passed on it.

They don't have it in her size now but should I buy it for Bear & Teddy and make them girls? I know Miranda would be thrilled to dress them up but perhaps I should let them remain genderless until Miranda decides?

Hmm... decisions, decisions.. ;p