Monday, February 23, 2015

Thoughts of the Day

1. Favourite looks from the Academy Awards today:

Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Murad & Emma Stone in Elie Saab. Absolutely stunning!

2. Dying to try that mushroom ravioli in porcini broth made by those guys in MKR tonight. Mac & Evans, I think? Omg. I almost never pick Italian cuisine when we go out but next time I'm going to look for exactly this!

3. My little darling Alexa took the bottle today! With one week to go, I knew I was cutting it fine but at the back of my mind, I kept thinking if my baby doesn't want the bottle, there's really nothing much to do, is there? I started Miranda a month early but she just rejected it from the get-go! But YAYYYY!!! So now it's onto pumping, pumping, pumping. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Slip Away

It's the 22nd of February today. Where has the time gone? A lot of well-meaning intentions, one of which was to document the growth of my children on this blog, have been neglected. (Wow. I said children!)

Let's face it. Time is not a friend when you have 2 (or more) kids that you have to completely take care on your own. I appreciate the help from my in-laws for the first 6 weeks/ 2 months but being without help for the past three months have shown me that, like other mothers out there, I have bouts of this superwoman-ness. Kinda kick-ass and awesome and all those things I never thought I could be. Hah.

Also, let me be completely honest. I did have some time when both girls were asleep at the same time. What did I do? (Definitely not blog.) Most days I did the chores but dudeee... some days, I napped too. From the age of 3.5 months, Alexa decided not to sleep through the night and made plans to zombify me. She hasn't been entirely successful because this mommy needs her sleep, come what may!

God knows how it's going to be when I go back to work. Oh. In a week's time.

I just want to recap though, so I remember.

December 4-11 - Our dearest old friends, F & M visited Melbourne with their kiddos, K & D! Miranda had so much fun and it was just so good seeing them play together. :) :)

December 17 onwards to just before NYE- my siblings were here! My favourite people in the whole wide world but sadly, having the people you love over always means time passes wayyy quicker. 

January - You know? It came and went and I feel like it didn't even leave a trace. Save for Alexa's new sleeping pattern. 

February - Last month of summer and all the fun stuff. March will be chock-full of activities too. 

I will be back with photos and what actually went down these few months.