Sunday, September 27, 2015

Monday, October 22, 2012

Picnic @ The Royal Botanic

It was one of those rare, beautiful spring Melbourne days. As it is, they are few and far between and even fewer are those that fall on a weekend. Obviously, we weren't going to stay at home and do nothing about it. After a few chores on Saturday morning, we made a quick bakery run to get some buns and a little green tea cake, drove through BWS to grab a bottle of Moscato and off we went to The Royal Botanic Gardens.

Miranda had a ball of a time walking around the grounds and picking up whatever leaves she could get her hands on. She's been very hesitant to walk just anywhere - she's very conscious of hard surfaces, which may cause her fall to be more painful. On the grass though, she was perfectly fine and she just really enjoyed herself.

So did we, really. Having cake and Moscato on a lovely day is more than I could ask for. I almost felt like it was my wedding day again when I photographed a moment in my head - Dwayne was standing with a glass of wine in his hand and watching Miranda, who was squealing with delight. I just keenly observed that scene, thinking, "They are mine. They are both all mine."

And I could hardly believe my luck.

(And of course, I quickly snapped a picture as soon as I was done capturing it my head!)

 Bought a mini chocolate muffin for Miranda.

 She was saying hi here but I missed it.
These shoes were made for walkin'. ;)