Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Gifts for Little Girls :)

Christmas Gifts

I've had the hardest time thinking up gifts for Alexa (to play fair). Miranda's seemed to have gotten all the big purchases - the kitchen, the dollhouse etc. The cubby house, while a gift for them both, was more age appropriate for only Miranda at the time as Alexa was only 3 months old then. Of course, in the end, they both play with the stuff and Miranda doesn't ever say those things belong to only her so it's not like they both know better. But. The Guilt.

This year, Miranda wrote to Santa asking for 3 things - a keyboard, a (play) make-up set and sparkly play-doh. She also still wants that Swan book even though I've told her it's for 9-10 year olds.

Alexa doesn't know how to ask for things for herself yet but we know she will love a wooden cot for her all her baby dolls as well as accessories and a carrier for them. Miranda is going to get Alexa that baby bath set "with her own money" as "Alexa will surely love that". And obviously, a book for Lexie too - we love Chris Haughton!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Alexa Cherie 25 months

This little girl has her Mummy and Daddy wrapped around her little finger. She has brought so much joy to our home and I honestly feel like she has been the best gift to Miranda.

Polar opposites would be the best way to describe her personality versus her big sister's. Such a strong little human, always knowing how to exact her thoughts and manipulate us even though she's not the most fluent speaker. Yet.

Alexa was a sweet and placid as a baby. She was so easy to look after and we always thought it was because we were now parents second time around and were just a lot more easy-going so the baby was following our lead. Turns out she was just biding her time!

Ever since she turned 1 and found her little legs, she has become the cheekiest little girl. She is a prankster through and through. I always thought Miranda was a cheeky baby, what with her severely infectious giggles, which she still has till this day. Obviously, either I didn't know what cheeky meant or I hadn't met this child to define the word properly. 

I think we created both babies in equal proportion to ourselves sometimes - Miranda is 80% me and 20% Dwayne while Alexa is 80% Dwayne and 20% me. 

Because we had it so super easy with Miranda, Dwayne once asked if I would prefer if Alexa was more like Miranda. I said, no, because that would mean Miranda is my favourite child. And I honestly don't. She can be challenging but I love it. She is also not so much naughty as she is cheeky so it's hard to get mad at her. 

She loves to bully her big sister with all the hair pulling, the hitting and pinching but as much as she does that, she also regularly goes to cuddle and kiss Miranda, asking her to play together. She runs as soon as she hears the doorknob turn when Miranda gets home. She will run to hug her and then take her hands to ask if they can play.

Alexa doesn't enjoy puzzles, she doesn't know the alphabet, she could not name all the colours if you asked her or all the animals even. But I have learned that it's because she chooses not to.

Unlike Miranda, she has quick reflexes, can kick and throw a ball and is basically a daredevil who loves baby dolls.  - All things Miranda did not care for.

She wants in on anything the family is doing - dancing, singing, playing a game, watching a movie etc. She makes a big effort with these activities and wants you to know she's present.

Lexie is really affectionate and often tells us, "Mummy/ Daddy, aahn youuu (I want you)". She always tries things until she gets it and never looks sheepish when she does something wrongly. At most, she will just dismiss it and say, "Ohhh. Ya ya ya."

She loves books and especially favours Little Pookie. I think it's just because Sandra Boynton is a fantastic children's writer. 

She loves dress-up, her baby dolls, Frozen and The Good Dinosaur. 

It's bittersweet watching her grow because I know she will be our last one. All these experiences will never come again and while it doesn't make me want to have another kid, it does make me want to be able to freeze time sometimes.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Alexa's Spring Wish List

Alexa's Spring wish List

Patch bomber jacket and white overalls from Bardot Junior, Baby Stan Smith kicks from Hype DC, all books from Book Depository, Schleich Bayala figurines, Janod puzzle and doctor's kit from DiscountToyCo.

Miranda's Spring Wish List

Miranda's Spring Wish List

Bomber jacket and dress overalls from Bardot Junior, Nike roshe run kicks from Hype DC, all books from Book Depository, Schleich Bayala figurines from DiscountToyCo & Lego from Target.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In the Mornings

I'm always in the kitchen doing a million things on weekday mornings but I'd hear her footsteps some days, like rustling leaves against the floorboards. As she reaches the end of the hallway, she'd stop and wait, look in on me and say, "Good morning, mama."

I'm always startled by Miranda's use of "mama" recently. Copying her sister's way of calling me now. It might go back to "Mommy" soon enough but I sort of hope not.

Some days she wakes first and some days the little one wakes first. And when Alexa does, I'm not allowed to let her down until I have held her and walked around for at least 15 minutes. 

And then when she's having her breakfast at her little table and watching a show on TV, she'd come every 5 minutes and hug and kiss my thigh, go back to what she's doing and repeat this until she's done with breakfast. She'll come to me and tell me she's "inish" and tip-toe to place her bowl on the kitchen benchtop.

Even though the morning routine is often harried, these little things don't go unnoticed. I miss them as soon as I'm on the train and all alone. No more stories, no more hand tugging or heart tugging -- until 9 hours later.