Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Constant State of Anticipation


It seems like all I do is wait for summer. 

Dressed Miranda up in a skirt with leggings today for pre-kinder and she was so thrilled that she couldn't wait to see her best friend to show off her "new clothes". Poor kid has been in leggings and long-sleeved t-shirts with a jumper on alllll winter and our current temperamental spring (but still so thankful for the sunny weekends the whole September!). It must be nice to wear something a little different (still with leggings - it's not THAT warm yet and especially not in the mornings).

Saw some of these items on Country Road/ Seed/ New Balance/ Bardot Jr and Seafolly. Definitely on my wishlist! Miranda and Alexa are just growing at an alarming rate - most of the summer stuff I got them for our Singapore trip already do not fit. It seems every time I pick out a pair of shoes for Miranda, she complains that they're getting too tight. And Alexa needs some good pairs of shoes as well since our littlest lady is walking! :) ;)


I guess it's very well-documented now that Miranda loves puzzles and definitely has a knack for them. Our friends gave her this 300-piece for her birthday and seeing as it was Frozen-themed, I knew she'd hunker down very quickly to complete this. She did this over a few days, leaving it for a while even but eventually came back to it on Sunday morning with a little help from Dwayne. :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Cadbury Goodness!

I sent some Vegemite chocolate to my friend in Vancouver to try and she sent me these in return.

What a lovely surprise!

The pretzel peanut butter was so good!!!

Cherie Girls

I will never tire of watching them giggle together. 

Sunday Best

Alessandra Harper Joseph

My brother and his wife just had their baby girl join our wonderful world last Friday.

I cannot believe she's here now and she is just stunning! This little girl is already so, so loved!

This is the first time I saw my niece/ god-daughter via Face Time. 

Can you tell how happy I am? Hahaha!

Just want to gnaw on those itty bitty cheeks!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hong Kong - Disneyland video

Watching this again and aching for another holiday! 

Fridate with My Girls

Took the girls out for a movie (Inside Out) on Friday. It was Alexa's first movie experience and tell you what - does that girl love herself some popcorn!!

Even though Miranda didn't really enjoy the show (we had to walk out after an hour plus), it was a good time had by all anyway. Alexa was actually quite good in the cinema. It helped that I brought lots of snacks and that it was a kids' session early in the morning.

Went for a Dinosaur Train thing going on at the centre. My friend M was there with her daughter too. They aren't into the cartoon or anything but loved the dancing bit.

After that, lunch, library and home. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy 68th!

With his 5 little grand-daughters who adore him.

I'm so thankful for a father-in-law who is so easy to get along with and looks after our kids the way he does. He really looks out for them in every way and is their number one food advocate too! I wish only health and happiness for this good man.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Miranda learning how to scoot. 

To be honest, Dwayne and I never really wanted her to get one but it was a gift and it's so good that she is determined to learn how to use it.

Only pictures of Alexa from hereon since she was with me while Miranda was learning. 

Doesn't she look like such a big girl here already?!

 P/s - This could be a New Balance ad haha.

She learns so fast these days.
I plucked a wildflower and smelled it and she just followed suit.

Loving the swing.

So tired.

And oh, one of Miranda frowning just before mass. 

Totally forgot what it was about now, though.

Monday, September 21, 2015


It's hard to believe we've been married 7 years.

As we say every year, WE MADE IT! :)

Pic credit: Miranda Cherie Nicolay

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Friday in the City

I really do love Melbourne when the sun is out.

On Friday, I drove into the city for the first time. Usually I take the train even when I'm with the girls. Since D was meeting us in the city for a surprise birthday dinner for one of our friends, he said it'd be good if I took the car instead. I was way more apprehensive than he was about my driving in the city. For anyone who has driven in Melbourne, you'd be well aware of the hook turns in the city, thanks to the trams (I still love the trams though). Fortunately, I was able to avoid those hook turns by choosing easy routes. And I made it! I was over the moon ecstatic and super proud of myself too. It's second nature to some but such a major achievement for me.

The girls and I had a wonderful time - lunch at Din Tai Fung, shopping, tea, an ice-cream break and before you knew it, D joined us around 6. And I thought, I really could do this - driving in is wayyy easier than planning bus and train times with two in tow.

Huge XLB fan like her momma

Looking out to Lonsdale St

Alexa looks super scared but Miranda's finally overcome her fear!

Always committed to make Alexa happy

Tea at Tea Salon (cakes were not great, elderflower drink was though)

She saw this pink chair and asked to take a photo with it

And after just a little bit more walking, she asked if she could have ice-cream at Brunetti's too.

What does a momma do? I AM committed to making HER happy too.

End of the night with Aunty Som

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Miranda Says

So last night, while Miranda was waiting for me to get dinner ready, she told Dwayne she was hungry. He gave her some blueberries and they were gone, in like, less than 2 minutes.

She then asked for some more and Dwayne asked if she had shared with Alexa? She said yes, she had. Alexa then started getting cranky and Miranda was getting frustrated and looked really stressed. She said to her little sister, "Ok, hang on, Alexa. I'm ordering some more!!" 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dear Alexa

You are the sweetest, most lovable little baby. Always with a grin, all four teeth flashing, and you just love being cuddled. These days, you wake up and you plant kisses all over my face. Totally melts my heart and I always wish I had more time with you.

You reached all your milestones pretty early but the one we are all waiting for now - the walk - has yet to come. You have taken six steps at most now and it makes me so very proud, you have no idea! But I'll tell you a secret - it also makes me sad. Your first year seemed to whiz by even faster than your sister's. I'd like to keep you as a baby for a little while longer if I could.

You've been an easy baby for the most part. You slept through the night from 6 weeks to 3 months - exactly like Miranda. Even though you wake several times at night for feeds, I know it will end soon enough and it makes me not mind the sleeplessness. When else will I have you all to myself, when I can stare at you in the dim light - your perfect face nestled against my breast. I know when this phase ends, I will be willing you to want to even be near me. 

Daddy and I know now how that feels. One day, our baby can't wait to cuddle and the next, she is Little Miss Independent. So please take your time, little one. 

You love to eat and will try everything. Of course, your weakness has to be chocolate. You clench your fists in outrage when not offered our food. It's hilarious and you've learned that it's a funny thing. You now do it for laughs, to entertain us. You adore being the center of attention.

You love dancing and clapping, pointing and saying "there" and "this" to anything and everything. You love your sister and your joy is apparent every time she gets back from kinder. You know songs from the first few notes, just like your sister too. It was hilarious when you stopped nursing during the Frozen show in Disneyland. You heard Let it Go and no more nursing for you - you wanted to see what was going on and join in the fun! While Jay Z and Beyonce's Bonnie & Clyde used to calm Miranda down, your go-to song is "Bang Bang". You guys are just hilarious with all these inappropriate song choices!

You are so affectionate. You squeeze us when you hug and kiss "mmm-mah" on our necks when you do (it's like a hug and kiss in one!). You can "cheers" with us and feed us. You love interacting with strangers but only if you're close to us. These days, you definitely do not like being carried by people you don't know. 

You pick things up so quickly that I'm sure it's a case of monkey-see-monkey-do with Miranda. So many people have remarked that you seem older than your one year of life. While Miranda was very knowing in her ways, you still have that unabashed innocence. 

Daddy, Miranda and I have been incredibly blessed to have you in our lives for the past year. 

You truly are our shining star, my Alexa Cherie. I love you so, so much.

All my love, 
your momma

Monday, September 14, 2015

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - What a big girl you are!

Alexa had a great time on her birthday. In fact, lot of people commented that she knew it was her special day and was super hyped up. She was a little cranky before the cake cutting but after that she was definitely happy, happy, happy!

I was so thankful that even though she didn't have a nap, she was actually good all the way till the last guests (family) left at a little after 7 that evening. Major FOMO!


On the menu that day: 

Sweets: Lemon blueberry yogurt muffins
Black bottom cupcakes
Star staped sugar cookies
Blueberry jelly shots

Cake: Angelfood cake with blackcurrant jam and mascarpone filling

Savory: Honey soy & buffalo wings
Pear, brie and proscuitto tarts
Homemade brioche bread with duck and orange pate
Chilli tuna sandwiches
Leek and salmon quiche

With fellow cheeky, Aunty Nat

With Uncle Paul

My cheeky, cheeky baby!

Grandparents feeding her cake.

With Sofia, her "bestie".

Heading straight for the card.... to bite at it!

Joining the big girls club.