Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Things

Christmas Things

I am just too excited to post about what we settled on for Miranda's clothes and presents to wait for after Christmas.

Found pretty shoes on sale at Seed so I got them first. Then I had the tough luck of finding a dress that matched. Went with something simple from Bardot Junior. Dwayne and I got her a dollhouse for Christmas. It was on sale when we bought it back in September from Toys'r'us. Santa's been asked to give her a puzzle but I think he's throwing in a dress and match card game.

I cannot wait to see her reaction to the dollhouse! ;)

Stories about my daughter

Lately, we've noticed that Miranda's vocabulary has improved tremendously. <- Sounds like a report card hah!

It's been quite amazing how she always uses these words in the proper context. There's probably only been one word she's used wrongly. In fact, she's still doing it. I think she finds our reactions funny when she says, "Mmm...delicious" (nothing wrong) and then "mmm crunchy" when she's eating her pretend cupcake. Crunchy cupcakes... hmm.

But more than the words she uses, it's really the way she says them. More often than not, she's actually imitating our actions and the way we say things. Plus, she can be a real drama queen (probably me).

Some funny moments lately:

The other day, I woke up with cramps in my right leg. I got up and clung on to it, willing it to just go away as soon as possible. It was so painful that I was in tears. Miranda was half-asleep and she got startled. Dwayne woke up and helped me push my leg back.

Then I heard Miranda say in the semi-dark room, "Oh dear. What's wrong?"

By then, the cramp had somewhat settled and I asked her to go back to sleep. She refused and instead, she pulled the covers over me and said, "Keep nice, warm. Ok? Nice, warm."


We were all having dinner when Miranda chirps, "Daddy, tickle....Mommy." 

(Background: She must have said this because she watches Dwayne tickle me all the time.  Dwayne's been saying lately that he scored a GOL when he married me. That's not a typo - it's meant to stand for Grumpy Old Lady. But it's true. I haven't been the funnest person to be around these days so he tries to get a laugh out of me now and then. My sweet, sweet man.)

So Dwayne comes over and tickles me, showing no mercy. I yell to Miranda, "Say stop, darling! Say, stop!!" 

She does. And then she says, "Again!" With the cheekiest glint in her eye.

This goes on and on until I say, "I thought I was your best friend, sweetie pie?" (She had proclaimed this just the day before in front of Dwayne, his dad, Kelly & Paul.)

She nods at me. A very deliberate nod.

She turns to Dwayne and WHISPERS (still audible), "Daddy, tickle Mommy!"


Needless to say, we all nearly died laughing.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

Malacca in Pictures (Day 2 & 3)

 Twirling non-stop while waiting for everyone to arrive at Gingerflower.

The sussing out - Miranda Cherie, Katelyn Leslie & David Ashley.
They last saw and spent a few hours together in May but they totally acted like they have been friends forever.

The intersection of Jonker St.

 Guava time.

Flavian showing them the ants around the pots. 
Miranda rarely sees ants so she was a bit thrilled, I think!

 Finished them so quickly, we ordered another plate.

Yummy chicken rice balls!

 Reunion lunch.

 Cutie pies.

Conversations over durian chendol.

 Antique shop.

 We caught up at the courtyard beside their bedroom while the cuties slept.

Wanted Daddy's attention.

Miranda in the traditional top. 
It was so cute and I was tempted to get it for her but decided against it in the end.

I must have been so happy cos' I finally got to carry this little handsome boy. :)

KL in Pictures (Day 1, 3, 4 & 5)

Since we only booked our flights at the last minute, prices were crazy expensive so we decided to fly budget with Air Asia. They were actually pretty good. Leg room was pretty much the same as on an economy flight. The only things missing really were the movies and the food. Based on past trips, we haven't really been able to catch any movies anyway so there was no loss there.

Our first stop at 9.30am when we arrived - the closest food court we could find. I thought I was in heaven with the selection of local food but the taste was sorely lacking.

 I can't remember much of this photo except that Miranda was making us laugh a whole lot.

Finally found some proper hawker food at Jalan Alor. The char kway teow was generously served with a whole lot of fresh, juicy cockles. Just the way I like it. Unfortunately the lap cheong was missing and they substituted it with prawns. Not the way I like it. The chicken rice was alright - the flavor in the rice was a little lacking. The rojak was quite good, according to Dwayne but it had a total of zero yu char kway?! Our neighbours - "same same but very different".

 Love this store for kids' clothing.

While I was choosing, I sought Miranda's opinion on some of the items. She said "yuck" to more than one. Then I took this top out and showed it to her and she went, "Ooooohh" amd proceeded to feel the
fabric with her fingertips. If that doesn't tell you she's my child, I don't know what will. Hah.

 Lovely bridal store.

My family brought our favourite Indian food from Shami's to KL for us. Like I say to everyone, there's Indian food and there's Shami's. It's not that there's no better briyani. It's just not Shami's.

 My sister bought a plate of cupcakes at the hotel for Miranda and scored big time!

 Showing Grandma her pretty necklace.


My sister and her boyfriend. If they got married and had kids....

 Pure glee in front of the Petronas Towers.

 The Girls. :)

 She can look like such a fashion blogger sometimes. Haha.

 Closing her eyes and savoring her egg prata. She refused to open her eyes till she'd finished.

 I just wanted to take a picture with my girl, Christy hah!

Bak Kut Teh picking

Darling sister.

Bak Kut Teh was a letdown (we must have been eating at all the WRONG places). 
Fries made her happy though.

My favourite girls. So much love for them.

Malaysian hairstylists give the best hair service. Most of the best in Singapore are Malaysian, anyway and the Aussies don't know how to work with Asian hair, experienced from my five years living here. Plus the head massages while they wash - out of this world!

 My little family just before the wedding started.

While Dwayne was rehearsing with the bridal party (for a dance), Miranda and I went trigger happy around the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

The stunning couple. 
So glad we made it. It was a huge celebration of 93 tables but the couple still looked like they had a lot of fun at the end of it. :)

 Family selfie. Miranda could not look more like Dwayne here.

Miranda with our best friend, the iPad. Chinese weddings are typically noisy so Mickey Mouse and friends didn't bother anyone and Miranda didn't have a meltdown!

Last day. Miranda's first taste of bak kwa and she wanted more and more and more. 

Gotta love my kid. :)