Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Instas-day (delayed)

I've just been so busy the past week. I don't like it when I'm not completely on top of things, which in turn means I cannot find the time for this space.

So a massive photo update first, followed by thoughts on some topics in the next few days. Hopefully I manage to find the time for those actually!

 10 minute soupy noodles with my favourite things - prawns, pork meatballs and green leafies.

Took this little one out to collect flowers to put in her vase. She came home and ripped it all apart while watching teevee.

Accompanying Momma while I cooled down. Her new favourite activity, drawing with crayons. Or rather, scribbling. You have no idea how worried I am for my new walls!

Another day, another parent to accompany. Might as well make herself useful. Hehe. Dwayne lifted her up and down ten times and was aching all over after that.

 Geram with this face.

Geram with this face too. Terrorising the gelato-eating patrons at Lygon St.

D's, FIL's, MIL's and my beers at a Thai restaurant for lunch.

Since she couldn't have any, she helped herself to the dessert menu.

We decided on Nando's for dinner one night but she fell asleep when she got there.

All she does is sleep (not)....and she looks like an angel while at it.

The humble sardine. For sardine rolls! Haven't had sardines in a while and now I can't get enough!

Looking for Oscar the Grouch.

Not gonna miss the tummy when it's gone. Have to get rid of it before I go to Singapore and people call me fat again. :( - (called out by two aunty types who aren't very small themselves. nb.)

My favourite ginger scallion noodles with grilled teriyaki barramundi. I usually make this with cod but I accidentally thawed the wrong fish. Still good stuff though!

Entertaining herself while we pack.

A lot of food pics cos of the long weekend - ten minute prawn and pasta dish for D's lunch.

I always get a sick feeling in the stomach that I'd lose one book whenever I move.

She wanted to drive her car, carry her basket and watch tennis at the same time.

Just the way The Hubs likes his breakfast - with plenty of mushrooms and a sunny side-up.

We were watching tv when we heard a loud thud on our back door. D went out to check and said a bird had crashed onto the door and died. Obviously I didn't believe him but there it was!  Poor, stupid bird.

Vietnamese rice paper rolls. With peanut dipping sauce. Easy peasy and super healthy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We baked a cutie pie

"Remember when..
The sound of little feet..
Was the music..
We danced to..
Week to week.."

Literally her first few steps in our new place. We let her walk around since all the flooring is done now and there are no tools lying around. Good news -she loves the carpet a lot! We knew she would. Miranda started walking two weeks after her first birthday very easily at her godmother's place. After that, she refused to walk unless it was a carpeted area. I would say officially she only started walking everywhere a few days shy of 13 months.

In her room.

We asked her what she thought of her bigger wardrobe and she put her hand on her hip. It was too funny - so "mak nenek".

Approved. :)

(So another thing to find space for - her baby armoire.)

Then, just like Mommy, Miranda decided to dance in the living room too.

Notice how she extends her arms after she dances. I think she's imitating Angelina Ballerina, the cartoon. The twirling round and round is new too. Luckily, she hasn't been asking for O.G.S. for a while!

Oh my love. I was so thrilled when I decided to take a day off from working out and she cuddled right next to me this morning. She woke up in my arms and when she saw me, she immediately smiled and kissed me. Pretty sure I will have a perfect day just cos' of that!

Having your child wake up smiling in your arms is way better than having them fall asleep in your arms (because you know you wanna chew on their angelic face when they are asleep!)

Monday, January 21, 2013


These days, I have been feeling like...a superwoman.

Run/ workout or both in the morning (depending on what time I can peel myself off the bed).

Followed by lunch for D & I, lunch for the father-in-law (different to ours) and lunch and dinner for Miranda* (same as FIL), breakfast for me, breakfast for D & FIL (different to mine and sometimes different from each other thanks to their preferences!!!!) and breakfast for Miranda (different).

Then shower, dress up, dry hair and a wee bit of time reading to my daughter.

Zip out of the door, into the car and onto the tram.




Dinner for the adults and play time with the daughter.

Bathe her, read her a book (or ten).

Hand her over to The Husband to put her to bed.

And I tell you what... I am ready to knock out myself.

But then, there's still The Husband, right?

So perhaps a movie or a few episodes of Modern Family (which we are into now) and with any luck, I'll get to crash by 11.30.

Repeat x 4.

*This week, I have stopped preparing Miranda's meals. I have decided that she will eat what we eat since she eats what we eat when we eat anyway.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Our house is a very, very, very small house..."

Right from the get-go, we knew the house we were looking for would be of a modest size. It would be just enough to house our little family and D's dad (for 4 nights a week).

I have to admit though, that while I love the challenge of making the most out of your space, I'm finding it very difficult to fit certain things in there already. There just seems to be no room! :(

The house we are currently in has an open concept and I have never liked it. I like different rooms for different purposes. The new house is sort of open too but it has very specific areas - there is a division to the kitchen with the "island" counter. However, because everything is pretty structured, you are also hard-pressed to find room for miscellaneous things.

So now, I'm trying to house my bookshelves (currently in the guest room), my treadmill (beside the back door at the dining area) and a bar cart (hopefully I will find this on eBay!).

We went to check on the house last weekend and waddya know? The floorboards have been fixed! I was so happy, I danced on the living room floor! It is all complete now and we are just waiting for the final inspection, which will probably lead to some minor fixing here and there and then, we expect to move in soon after. :)

The walkway.

My father-in-law, always inspecting every nook and cranny for us.

I hope that the next time I post on the house, there will be some furniture in it. And hopefully, I will be blogging from there too. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Slider House Rules

One of the many things I loved about New York was the White Castle burger. Or rather, the sliders. They were tiny and packed a punch of flavours. For Dwayne, who wolfed it all down in one go, I'm pretty sure it was like a party in his mouth.

A few months ago, when D and I started to go on our dates again, he saw a deal for sliders and beer and got it for us, knowing I'd love a simple date like that.

Now, we've been trying so hard to find some time to go for that and also to use our Gold Class movie tickets. We have two pairs! And no time to go! :(

So the other day when I suggested we just bring Miranda along for the sliders, perhaps after mass on Sunday, he called them to book a table. To our despair, the deal had expired and there was no chance we could extend it.

Since then, the missed opportunity has been playing at the back of my head. So today when I saw mini Angus beef patties at the supermarket, I grabbed them!

Put them on the grill.

Melted the cheese and topped with a slice of tomato.

Used a round cookie cutter to cut the bread.

Voila! Party in your mouth! :)


Last Friday morning, she woke up super cranky as usual. The only trick in the book is to offer this baby some food - usually cheese, blueberries and blackberries. 

We went to my office to drop something off for awhile. It was a scorcher of a day so she was ecstatic when we got to the restaurant for yes, more food. A rice and vegetables dish and some dumplings made this one a happy camper.

But that wasn't enough, was it? Right next to the restaurant was a gelato shop so we stopped for some hazelnut gelato. We polished off a piccolo-sized (smallest but look at the serve!) one together in a matter of minutes.

Took a short stroll after we got off the tram and I saw that she had dozed off. 

Seriously I look at this picture now and I feel like pinching her cheeks and biting her thighs!

She took a short nap. Daddy came home, we went to the market. Saw the Tacos truck and the little lady continued eating- this time, she tucked into some nachos and guacamole. 

Disclaimer: She doesn't eat "junk" like this everyday. But she DOES eat a lot. Everyday.

Yummy grilled chicken salad. This one was extra flavorful with the heirloom tomatoes!

Yes, we are still mainly on a salad diet. :)

Playground on a lovely Wednesday evening.

I will never take the wide, open spaces here for granted.

Chased this little pup all around the playground.

She kept saying, "Here. Here." I wonder if she was trying to train it? Hmmm.

And this one. Got me through work on Thursday. :)

"Miranda, you want to bathe? Where's your towel?"

She will then walk to her cot to get her towel.

Then she will proceed to try and place her towels with ours. Our little offspring might have OCD too hahaha.

Sliders on Thursday. 

Our "date night" is now on Thursdays, when D's dad leaves and we have the house to ourselves for a few days. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Book List Jan-March 2013

This is my not-too-ambitious list as of now, made based on friends' recommendations and some reviews that I've read:

- Life of Pi - Yann Martel

I didn't buy it when it took the whole literary world by storm a few years ago. I don't usually like to read the current bestsellers. As luck would have it, this film has been immensely raved about and I'm guessing the book will be so much better. So yes.

- We The Animals - Justin Torres

- The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen

- A Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irving

- Skagboys - Irvine Welsh

- Dreams from My Father - Barack Obama

- A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens

- Three Men in A Boat - Jerome K. Jerome

- Naked - David Sedaris

- 1Q84 - Murakami

Ok, wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sneak Peek (Even for us!)

Over the weekend, we took a drive to our new place just to kay-po around as usual. We stopped doing that in December as it was the lock-down period. In fact, it still was supposed to be till 14 Jan. We couldn't help ourselves and we missed our home too much to go another week without seeing it. Haha. All you home-owner friends...you know what I mean!

The last time we dropped by for a "visit", we saw that a security camera had been installed. For the most part, that was a good thing because every other week that we were there, a window or a door had been yanked off it's place by some thieving pests. However, it also meant that we were unable to just walk in and have a look-see at our convenience during the weekends. (We are not actually supposed to be in the house without the building supervisor. Even though it's technically our house, the builders are still responsible for the property.)*

We weren't expecting anything to be done when we got there but we were in for a pleasant surprise! The carpets had been rolled out! How cool would it have been if that was the last thing they rolled out, and to welcome us home right?

So now we are just waiting on them to fix up the floorboards (crossing fingers we are in for a surprise this weekend!!), put in the oven and we're ready to move!

Here is a sneak peek - literally. I was taking pictures from outside, through the windows.

 The shower screens have been fitted in both bathrooms.

I love the huge mirror!

Carpet in the master bedroom. It is actually much lighter in real life.

Stay tuned for more updates!

*True story - One Saturday, we got into the house through the sliding door in the laundry room. We were looking around when we suddenly heard someone opening the front door. In a state of panic, we quickly rushed to get out of the house through the laundry room again. Then we casually walked in and told the person (carpenter) that we were the owners and asked if we could have a look around. What a harrowing experience.

I was quite shaken as I always tell Dwayne I don't want to go in if there's no one around. To which he always says I'd be the last person anyone would bring to rob a bank. =_=

Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

How much did you enjoy the Golden Globes? I rather liked it, even minus the mean sarcasm of Ricky Gervais this time round. Didn't Tina Fey and Amy Poehler do a great job?

Big YAY for Damian Lewis who got the nod for Homeland!

Also love that Anne Hathaway and Daniel Day-Lewis won. (Although I haven't watched either of those movies. I just like them both in other movies.)

Hate that Leo has been denied of an award yet again.

And I must admit Jodie Foster's speech got me chewing on my fingernails. In your face, direct, honest and funny.

Everything else was pretty entertaining but oh, did the fashion disappoint! Well, kinda. They were mostly nice but nothing was truly outstanding, you know? (Even you, Halle Berry! Sobs.) And then there was the super awful (Jennifer Lopez who thought it's okay to be wearing her stage costume on the red carpet). So instead I focused on those superwomen mommas who just gave birth - Claire Danes and Megan Fox. Stared at them and marveled. One month and two months after giving birth respectively. And also Kirsten Bell, pregnant and just glowing!

Here were some better looks (in my opinion):

Sarah Hyland at the after party. I wasn't too crazy about the other dress she wore to the awards itself.

Handsome couple - Emily Blunt and John Kransinski. I am still loving the colour of her dress.

Simple and stunning.

Love the dress. And the bump's a great accessory too ;)

Dashing or what?

Can't wait for the Academy Awards now! :)