Monday, April 29, 2013

Roaring at the Lions

Someone using all her might to roar them awake. Her efforts did not go to waste.;)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Melbourne Zoo

D had sneakily taken Friday off and didn't tell me till the day before. I was stoked and so even though I was down with a cold, I couldn't resist having a family outing. Turns out being outdoors that day did me a world of good. And Miranda enjoyed herself so much too! The lions were easily her favourite of all though :)

Since we read a lot of books with animals in them, it was fun reciting the famous lines from certain books. I think she found it easy to relate that way and got all excited. 

I can't seem to get her off these sunnies. She loves them to bits. Need to find her something a little less "Elton John-ish".

We were so lucky to see 7 elephants in this enclosure. The baby elephant was too cute!

The giraffes were a hit too.

I was lying down on the grass, soaking in the sunshine of that beautiful day. And then he came with ice-cream and water. Perfect.

We're going on a bear hunt!

The lion on the left was asleep hah!

She was roaring non-stop.

Miranda's "ROAR" face.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Blurred Lines

Everyone in this home is loving Robin Thicke ft Pharell's new song!

It's one of the catchiest and the nicest dancey songs I've heard lately. :)

This is Miranda's idea of dancing to the song. Or, at the moment, to any song for that matter.

And the original. :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Little Miss

There have been a few mother-daughter moments that have happened in the last 19 months. Sharing mandarin oranges while watching My Best Friend's Wedding was a first, then the day she kissed me non-stop when she was all of six months, when she first watched The Little Mermaid, having "tea" and "cakes" with her, dancing to the oldies on Friday afternoons etc.

I love these moments and will always treasure them. These are the times when I'm her best friend and that will might change one day.

On Sunday, we had another moment. Miranda found a rubber band in my room and put it on her wrist. Since it was getting chilly outside, I sat her on my bed and took out all the accessories that I never use (or hardly ever used) anymore. She happily used the headbands as necklaces and deftly started piling up her arm candy. She was thrilled to bits!

As much as I wanted to capture that moment with my good camera, I could not bear to leave her side. So, iPhone pics for you instead! :)

Weekend - the low down

Last night, I found myself hanging out Miranda's laundry, which I usually do on Fridays. It just showed me how the weekend passed me by.

On Friday, I had to go into work to teach my Girl Friday (temp staff) some stuff about work. Since Jamie was in Melbourne for a few days, I caught up with her (& Ben) for some lunch in the city. Miranda was so exhausted she was asleep the whole time.

(Boring but "necessary" bit of info: Earlier in the day, after playgroup, she fell asleep while I waited for the taxi to take me to the train station. It never showed up so I had to take the risk of getting a stranger to carry her (she was a mother with a little baby and a toddler) while I fixed up the stroller. Miranda woke up and screamed bloody murder because I had broken her sleep. Then I walked to the bus stop 15 minutes away to catch a bus to the train station. She stayed up throughout the whole train ride, entertaining all the passengers with her silly, infectious smiles and peek-a-boo games. When we got off the tram, we had to catch another bus to get to my office 10 minutes away. After teaching Girl Friday, we caught a tram into the city. All modes of public transport that day - taxi in the morning, bus, train, tram!)

After lunch, we parted ways with the Hendrys and I did a bit of shopping at Zara for Miranda (who was still asleep) - I absolutely cannot resist the baby clothes!

Half an hour later, we hopped onto another tram to go to Dwayne's office and from there, we took the car home together. I was so exhausted when I got home,  I left Miranda to Dwayne and took a nap from 8-10pm. I have never felt so exhausted going out with her. Taking public transport from the distance we are at makes a huge difference compared to when we were living closer to the city. It was the first time I seriously considered getting another car. Especially when the cab company was so rude.

Then on Saturday, marketing and grocery shopping. My mother-in-law cooked up a feast for us - fish curry, dhalca, beef stew etc - also to ease my load during the work week. Before we knew it, it was evening and D and I got ready to head to The Waiting Room at Crown for drinks with A & K. We finished the night with a high - made $50 with a capital of $10! I love roulette and I love our lucky number 13! :)

As usual, Sunday morning was for mass, then made green tea ice-cream while M had her nap. We went for a short walk down the river in the late afternoon and again, the sun set too quickly. Another weekend gone.

Not too upsetting this this time since I'm already counting down to our short holiday - three more weeks. :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Feb 2012 Itinerary

Fri, 10
10.30am - Sara, Ya Kun, NP 4.30pm - Mamagi

Sat, 11
Morning -Old Airport Rd w Family, 1pm Orchard w QY (for pork bone soup based noodles)

Sun, 12
12pm - Antoinette w Family, 4pm - Sushi Tei w Pri Sch friends

Mon, 13
7am - Mummy's working place, 2.15pm - Sara & Siti & Cass, Wild Honey

Tues, 14
11am - Eswari, White Sands, 4.30pm - Aunty Maureen, HK cafe, NP

Wed, 15
12pm - Sara's bday, Spruce, 4pm - Jamie (for mee soto), Maccas (iced tea), Khatib (bee hoon goreng)

Thurs, 16
2pm - Erin, AMK Hub's Mos Burger, 4pm - Basanti, Maccas, Khatib

Fri, 17
Mel's, CPF,  YLP

Sat, 18
10am - Yvonne, Janice @ Potato Depot, Raffles City, 1pm - Old Airport Rd w siblings, swimming, Yishun (home)

Sun, 19
11am - Khan, Maccas White Sands, 2.30pm - Berlyn's (feast!), 5.30pm - Aunty Maureen's

Mon, 20
1pm - Aunty Rosalind, 5pm - Starbucks, Sherlyn (Ya Kun),

Tues, 21
10am - Uncle Fred @ co. @ 848
1pm - HDB
4pm - Mamagi
6pm - Jack, Wee Nam Kee

Wed, 22

Thurs, 23
4.30pm- Yilian @ TWG, Ion
7pm - Nadia (for ayam penyet @ Lucky)

Fri, 24
1.30pm - Jesse (Starbucks, Novena Sq)
3.30pm - Khaniff
6pm - Ramon, Udders
9pm - Khaniff

Sat, 25
11am - Nurul's house w QY, Jesse & Ham)
(D swimming with Cass & Brendan)
5pm - Martins

Sun, 26
1pm - Wee Nam Kee, SSH, Udders
7pm - Mel & Alan, Newton

Mon, 27
12pm - Jezebel, Din Tai Fung RCity
5pm. - swimming with Cass

Tues, 28
Adam Road w Cass, MBS, Raffles City - Fruit Paradise, 4.45pm - Northpoint, Aunty Maureen
Landing Point - QY, Jesse

Wed, 29
Swimming, Bak Chor Mee, Balestier, Indian food, Sembawang Road, Baby Spa
Laksa 900, Hair Cuts


That was our itinerary (and the food we ate) last year. Crazy, right?!

It's going to be toned down a lot since this trip, we are only going to be there for 10 days. :(

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pics from the iPhone

 Home made iced tea for my baby (the big one) upon request.

 A bright colored skirt for a cold, sunny day last week.

This is all that it can fit now but I cannot make up my mind on whether to fit shelves or buy a new bookcase.

 Rationing her Easter goodies haul.

 I let her have a carrot and an egg that day.

 Using her new spoon and bowl - encouragement for her to eat by herself.

See what this little cheater-bug did. 
She placed the beans on the spoon with her other hand when she did not know how to scrape at the sides.

This one. She can make me happy without even trying. 

I love her so much.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little Miss Congeniality

On Friday evening, we took a little walk at the park and ended up at the playground. I don't know why, or perhaps it was because of the interaction earlier at playgroup, but Miranda actually approached a little girl of her size!

She waved in front of her face going "Hi, hi, hi." Then she tried to hold her hands but the girl pushed her away exclaiming, "NO!". Haha, exactly how Miranda would have reacted before.

So happy that she finally made the first move, though. :)

She insisted on wearing her Elton John sunnies even though it was such a cloudy day. I had to gently persuade her to take them off.

 She was too scared to walk here because of the gaps between the planks.



There were hardly any ducks that day.

18-Month Check Up (Late!) & Playgroup

Miranda had her 18-month medical check-up last Friday (late because of the move). The nurse was a sensible one, for a change. The others were always spewing off whatever research paper they had read and was always telling us what we should or should not do. This one was a lot more grounded and obviously, a mum. ;) She said Miranda's doing brilliantly on all aspects. She is still at the 10th percentile for both her weight and height though. I mean, this girl is eating like there's no tomorrow but just not gaining a lot of weight! Then again, I suppose it's hereditary since Dwayne and I were painfully skinny children.

But the nurse did say to let her start using a spoon to feed herself. Hmmm.. yes, we hadn't officially started. Miranda's been using the spoon when I'm around on and off but we feed her her meals most of the time.The reason is simple - my father-in-law looks after her and he's a very tidy person, super OCD like I am and because I completely understand how mess can get under your skin, I have hesitated in asking him to assist us with this. I'm sure he would have gone along with it but till the nurse brought it up again, I just didn't have the heart to ask.

He was really nice about it when I told him this weekend and he said, "Well, everyone has to start somewhere...".

I started her on Saturday morning and she is getting quite adept at it. Minimal mess so yay!

The nurse also talked about enrolling Miranda in a playgroup, which I already had and Miranda went for that right after the check-up.

She absolutely loved it at playgroup. The kids were all of different ages and they had play indoors and outdoors as well as morning tea. They did everything we already do at home - colouring, a reading corner, a kitchen etc. but somehow it was different and better for her because she saw how the other kids engaged themselves as well. She also liked to "hang out" more with the older kids. I also caught her pushing a baby of about 14 months (still crawling) away when he wanted her toy. Why is she so anti-babies?!

I brought raspberries for the morning tea that day but everyone else got to them first so we only had two on her plate. Miranda was seated opposite a boy of about 3 who had a lot of berries on his plate and she looked irritated that he was not eating them. She was already onto her second plate and he still hadn't finished his first. So she kept pointing to the raspberries and I kept having to tell her "no, those aren't yours." Finally the boy got rather upset and he gobbled up all his raspberries and went to play outside. And you know what... Miranda was the last one at the table, happily finishing up her food, completely nonchalant that everyone else was already playing.

Quite pleased at how she went on her first day. She was absolutely knackered by the time it was over and fell asleep in the cab on the way home. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

What is going on? :(

This little girl has been so irritable since the weekend.

As soon as she doesn't get her way, she drops/ throws whatever she's holding and goes into the silent-to-scream cry. She will start hitting my face when I carry her but will stop as soon as she sees "Mommy's Look" and "What did Mommy tell you?" Then she will proceed with all these open-mouthed kisses all over my face. I always offer her my cheek but she pushes it away, positions my face and kisses me on the mouth.

She has been very attached to Daddy for about a month now but for the past few days, she has been wanting Mommy more.

Last night took the cake though. Her tantrum throwing went up a couple of notches.

D was bathing her and I was cleaning up her room as usual. As soon as she was toweled dry, she kept yelling for "Momma". So D let her come to me. But I was still tidying up so she waited for me, all the while refusing to let D dress her up in her pajamas. Finally it took both of us to hold her down and put a diaper on for her. This twisting and turning while we struggle to get the diaper on hasn't happened for a while and I remember now what hard work it used to be!

Even though she had a few books read to her before her bath, she insisted on some more. After I had read two more, I told her to go to Daddy and it was time to sleep. She started sobbing uncontrollably. She was inconsolable, no matter what I did. So instead of D putting her to bed, I tried to instead and we skipped the whole "kisses-at-the-door" routine. (I love this. While closing the door, she will come out, kiss me, swing the door to close a little more, kiss me and it goes on until she cannot squeeze out any further.)

While in her room, she refused to sleep. Kept pointing to different things and making me say the words. She said 'plow'  (for pillow) like a hundred times maybe (?) and then she wanted "Dada". So I opened the door and she immediately threw another fit when she saw him.

What was going on??!

After another bout of screaming, she finally went to D willingly and he put her to bed in a matter of minutes.

Then, this morning, she refused to go to her Grandpa. She only wanted me and she made me feed her breakfast and then she sat on my lap while she watched Mickey Mouse. It was the only thing she would agree to do - didn't want milk, no toys, no books.

As a result, I could not prepare breakfast in time and ended up leaving late for work.

I hope it's a teething phase only and this doesn't continue! She's only 19 months. Could this already be the start of the terrrrrrible twos?!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Don't like you much, Winter.

End of daylight savings yesterday.


1.Only a 2 hour time difference from Singapore, meaning I can disturb my sister quicker any morning I decide to.

2. Light in the morning.


1. Less and less light when I knock off. The most depressing times will be the days when I leave work at 5 on the dot and it's already dark outside.

2. Less outdoor activities past 6pm. Major bummer.

3. A constant state of gloom and doom.

Point number three really got to me prior to having Miranda. Every single winter, I used to miss Singapore so badly and always wondered whether there was a depressive in me. The lack of light, the bitter cold, having to mentally psych myself to do the simplest things ie. change out of clothes?!

Last year's winter was surprisingly bearable though. I never felt too low and I guess I should credit it to my obsession with Miranda?

Whatever it is, I won't lie.... I'm already counting down to Miranda's (and Dwayne's) birthday cos' it'll officially be springtime!

Friday, April 5, 2013

This Place

The other day, my father-in-law, with whom I have the most random conversations with when Dwayne is not around, mentioned to me that ever since he was a young boy, whenever he listened to country music, he envisions green, green grass that goes on for acres and acres, and lots of animals around of course. And he said that now that he's older, and living with us where we currently are, he feels like he's actually in the scene of his imagination.

I guess that's the beauty of this country. We're merely 40kms from the city and certainly not in the middle of nowhere. But it almost feels like we are in the countryside simply because there is a farm right behind us whose land property developers have not (yet) bought - because of this, we still get to see the horses and sheep that come out in the evenings. It's just about a 200m walk down the end of our street to the right. There is also a lake nearby where the ducks swim freely and because the council, or whoever it is that does this, has not interfered too much with the landscaping, it's just all organic and really beautiful. I love that Miranda has the chance to feed the ducks any time she wants and then proceed to the playground a stone's throw away.

But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, this girl loves more than running at the moment. She will run and run for ages. And for that, there is a park, five minutes to our left.

So even though I constantly whine about the crazy public transport fares ($12/day to and fro), I really need to remind myself of the positives of this place.

Here are pictures from Part One - The Ducks & The Playground. :)

Before I Forget...

Miranda does a plethora of stuff that constantly amazes us. We are not child experts so it's not like I'm analyzing or expecting every little thing at every stage. I also shun away from reading too much material on child development skills because I truly believe in discovering them on my own.

Even though I had a younger brother and sister to watch while they were growing up, I was also living my own childhood so I didn't give their achievements a second thought most of the time. Or maybe I did but I can't remember? Whatever it is, I don't want to forget the things Miranda does though, so thank goodness for this outlet.

Miranda loves our attention a lot. And by "our", I mean together, at once. She loves having Dwayne and I around with her any time. She is the best version of herself during these times, I think. She will prance, twirl and go en pointe if you know what I mean - every little thing is done solely for the attention Mommy and Daddy are showering upon her - together. When we are each alone with her, while she is contented, she does not seem quite as excited.

But yesterday, and this morning, she did some things very unconsciously. Very small, very subtle things that made my heart feel like bursting.


Last night, Dwayne and I were in the kitchen, talking. The garbage bin, which was beside me, is quite a big one with a foot pedal you need to step on to open. We hadn't removed the bag from the day before so it was sitting on top of the bin. 

Miranda came along with her cheese wrapper, used all her might to get the bag off the bin, set it down and used both her hands to pry the lid of the bin open, tossed the wrapper in, closed the lid and lifted the bag to set on top of the bin again. 

When D and I noticed her presence in the kitchen, we stopped talking to focus on what she was doing. (Usually we tell her not to touch the bin.) We completely marveled at what she was doing. I could not believe that she had done something like that without us even asking her to. When she was done, she looked up at us and we both clapped our hands, telling her what a good and smart girl she was. To which she got all shy, shook her head and said, "No."

I mean, I don't know if you guys feel this is just a regular occurrence at home so it's nothing much but we were truly bowled over.


This morning, as usual, Miranda was between the both of us on our bed (she joins us whenever she wakes up in the middle of the night). I was on my side, cuddling her. It was still quite dark but I saw that she was reaching for Dwayne's hand to place on her so I took my hand, which was around her waist, away. I didn't want her to feel too much weight on her little body. But she took my hand back.

She just wanted both of us to cuddle her at once.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh.... We So Want A Pup!!!

I have been afraid of dogs since I was a little kid. When I came to Melbourne to live though,  I got over my fear of dogs thanks to my gorgeous friend Som's little Gucci. He is without a doubt, the tamest, most obedient, sweetest dog there ever was. Ever since then, I have been longing for a little puppy. Because we were renting before, we weren't allowed to have pets. But now that we have our own place and an ok-sized backyard, we have been visiting the idea ever so often (and we've only been at our new place for 1.5 months!).

Gucci & me at our Christmas Party 2009

When Miranda was born, my brother told me he also couldn't wait to get married and have kids so that they could be close in age to Miranda and grow up together like we did.

But instead, he was sooo impatient, he went ahead and bought an adorable cockadoodle,  Ms Katie McQueen, to be Miranda's cousin, and younger than her by a mere 6 days. She is such a sweetheart and I totally can see why my whole family is just smitten with her.

And now, I want a pup close in age to his too haha.

Brendan with Katie when he just got her.

Cass with Katie and Toby, my cousin's dog.

When the beautiful Husky came to our place and charmed D.

Miranda's had several cute encounters with dogs and you can see how excited she gets. She just squeals and starts waving her hands. It's funny that she loves animals more than babies at the moment!

Miranda at Melbourne Central with a random puppy.

Once, we were at the playground, and we were chatting to a little boy of about 5. His dad was walking two labradors, one yellow and one black. Miranda and the boy were standing around when suddenly, the black labrador ran to Miranda and licked her face. I didn't even have enough time to react but it was soooo cute. Miranda didn't cry and she kept holding her face in her hands and letting go, as if to say, "Huh? What happened? Huh? What happened?" She loved it! And when I finally scooped her up, the black lab came circling around me again, looking at Miranda. He obviously loved her back. Wished we had captured all of it on video.

And I want a black lab more than anything so I found this 10000 times more adorable! But Dwayne wants the yellow lab so we're still deciding. Hopefully...... a decision will be reached soon! :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

My Little Model

I thought it was colder out than it actually was earlier today so I dressed Miranda in a parka and her new gumboots to go to K's place. We found out that the weather probably didn't warrant a parka but I took pictures around our place before we left anyway.

She didn't let me put the hood on though. 

Swear to God I didn't ask her to do this. She just loves posing like this with her jackets for some reason.

This was when I kept asking her if I could put the hood on for a bit and she got irritated hahaha.

But then she was back to normal soon after. :)