Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Yesterday while tidying up her room, I hit my knee on one of her toys and let out a small cry. She came to me and said, "Mommy? Pain? Mommy? Ok? " She didn't know where I was hurt but she gently stroked my head and face.

Like I said before, this one.. is a regular heartburster.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Smile Out Loud

We were super productive this weekend. I sorted out the invites for the #2SeptBabies birthday party on Saturday and Dwayne and his dad worked on the decking on Sunday.

I also baked brownies for Dwayne's dad and Miranda yesterday. Those two really, really love cake. I think they especially love it when they see a cake baked during the weekend because they know they can help themselves to it all week long.

Conversations with these 2:-

Me: Do you want Mommy to bake a cake for you?
Miranda: (Eyes light up) Wheee! (Claps hands)


Me: Dad, here you are. Brownies for this week.
Dad: For this week or for tomorrow?


So as you guys know, I'm thrilled to bits that my little girl is finally talking but there are some things that she says that are always at first incomprehensible to me. (And I'm the one who gets 99% of what she says.)

Yesterday while we were having pretend tea, she shows me her blue teapot and says, "brawk!". Miranda knows her colors and she usually says "blue" perfectly so I was wondering why she was mispronouncing it. Anyway, I just went, "Yes, the teapot is BLUE! Clever girl!" And she said again, "No no no. Brawk!" I stare back at her blankly. She huffs, folds her arms on the back of the chair, looks at me and sighs. And then the penny dropped when I took the teapot off her. The lid had come off. "Ohhh! Broken!" She releases her arms dramatically and goes, "Ahhhhh!"

I am loving these days.

 These two. All my love.

Birthday invites going out! The Husband let me spend the whole Saturday doing these up. Back-breaking but so worth it.


Started a little on the gift bags but am undecided on how to proceed hereon.

Sunday morning. First to get ready for mass.

She eats more than any kid I know. Seriously. In one hour, she had two mandarins, cheese and a packet of biscuits. And then went home to have lunch.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My family

When she dances, she places her little chin on her shoulder, cheekily looks at you and then twirls, twirls, twirls.

I will never forget that moment yesterday when she did exactly that to "For Once In My Life" playing on the radio.

Then she took my hand and said, "Mommy?" "Dan, dan, dan." (Dance, dance, dance.)


She carried her little kitchen set to the living room from her bedroom. As she walked, the pieces fell apart so she placed the whole thing in my hands and expected me to fix it.

When I was done, I said, "Here you go." And she said, "tin chu" (thank you).  Then she went about her own way.

My dear darling, someday, it's going to take more than a little fiddling with plastic parts to get that beam on your sweet face. And it will probably take a lot more to get a "thank you" as well. But I hope you will always know that I will always be here for you and I will do my darndest to "fix" whatever it is.


You make up silly lyrics to current songs all the time to get a laugh out of me. Last weekend, you made up some to suit my wretched mood and it made me feel so much better instantly.


Last night as I lay in bed thinking of what once was, you read my mind and you said the words I wanted to say. A good marriage, I think, truly makes you one.


Someone's turning 2!

Miranda's Birthday Wish List!

At the urging of my dear best friend, I've decided to put down a list of things Miranda will need/ might like for her second birthday.


First Row - Books: Mama Do You Love Me?, Love You Forever, Happiness Is A Warm Blanket, This Is Australia, Where The Wild Things Are.

Second Row: Another tutu couldn't hurt. Some light tops for summer, a pretty necklace and new saltwaters in case she grows out of hers soon (I'm sure she will).

Third Row: Wooden kitchen, cupcake lego set, mini wheelbarrow so she can help in the garden by spring, a dress-up costume.


She's just learned the word "party" and I honestly cannot wait for hers to come! :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

House Rant

There has been a lot to think about (house-wise) these past few weeks. We still haven't fully furnished our new place - there are various chairs to be bought, lighting, a desk amongst other stuff. I haven't really opened up my home to many - just can't seem to feel ready enough without ample seating, if you know what I mean.

But we've been making some sort of progress with the home purchases. Last week, we got a rug. It is no Beni Ourain but I suppose I need a few years to save for that. Between the two that I was caught between, Dwayne loved the feel of his feet on it so that settled it. Earlier this week we ordered two armchairs, which are only going to be ready in 12 weeks.

The sad thing is I haven't been able to find a reasonably-priced cross-legged desk like the one I had been eyeing before.

Then Miranda's room. Before we moved in I had so many ideas for her room and it looked beautiful in my head. The reality of it is we need a lot more storage for her endless toys/ books/ games/ *ehem* accessories. Her stuff is all over the place now - some of her puzzles are now in my room and some are in the living room - in one of the drawers of her entertainment unit where she houses all her art stuff and sticker books. She chose this drawer by the way.

(That girl always needs to have a drawer or space set aside for herself. Even when we were in the hotel room in Singapore, she emptied the contents of her tea set from the bag I had packed them in and placed them all in a drawer without us telling her to.)

A few things need to be changed up in her room:

1. The little miss is going to need a big girl bed soon.

2. We need to upgrade the bookshelf.

3. We are toying with the idea of getting her a proper wooden kitchen for her birthday, which is going to take up a lot of room for sure.

Also, should I paint? Should I leave it white?

The only thing I have done with her room is order a few prints. And speaking of which, one of them is of hot air balloons and check this out:

One of the proposals for the royal nursery. I adore those hot air balloon lamps!

Anyway, wish me luck! They say it's nice to slowly collect pieces for your home. But I think they also know how frustrating it is not to have the things you want when you want them. Hah.

What is wrong with this woman?

For the record, I have no idea who she is but apparently she's a celebrity.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day out with Kelly & Eliana

Miranda with the Ramen Girl @ Ajisen Ramen.

Just believe me that it was really, really good!
 Stumbled upon a typical Melbourne alley way filled with gorgeous graffiti.

Couldn't help but subject the littles to a mini photoshoot. Have to bring the good camera out next time - they loved posing!

My favourite picture that day.

 Miranda's sweet tooth adored this.

 End of the day: Sleeping babies. :)

thirty one

Dear God,
Thank you for my life.

This girl loves flowers.

On our little safari tour.
Can we bring one home?

Birthday cake cutting

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Miranda @ 22 Months

Miranda turned 22 months yesterday (July 2). I often catch myself saying that I don't want Miranda to grow up or that I'd like her to remain at a certain age. The truth is, I'm thoroughly enjoying her at every stage. It's just such a wonderful process - this growing-upping.

These days, she's really been talking a lot! Her brain is constantly picking up new words and she imitates us so easily. The market was a fun place for her last Saturday since she knows the names of most fruit but then she got a bit confused when we pointed to chicken (meat) and fish and told her what they were. Her look was utterly priceless! And the Werribee Zoo last weekend was fun for her too since she can now easily identify the animals.

She's also started to put on her shoes and shorts on her own. It's quite funny because she can never pull the shorts up past her diaper, which just leaves her frustrated.

Her appetite is amazing. The past three weeks at home with her made me realize that she needs more than what I prepare for her at meal times. She also needs something between breakfast and lunch and something between lunch and dinner. She does not have any cuisine preference and even had sashimi last weekend. I thought she'd reject it after the first taste but she asked for more! (In case you were wondering, I would never give her sashimi from the sushi bars. Both times she had sashimi last weekend were from good restaurants.) If there is one type of food she loves most though, it's noodles. Any kind of noodles. She just loves slurping it up.

I just bought some 4-piece puzzles and she can complete them now. I think it helps that they are of  animals that she loves - lion, giraffe etc. Also got her an Alphabet and Numbers puzzle. She's getting used to those. At the moment, she knows "A, B, G, I, M, O, P. Q, X" and will put them in their places very quickly but she gets bored after that.

She loves her stickers - complete obsession. She especially loves the dress-up stickers where she can doll up the girl with accessories, shoes, clothes. She's a real girly girl - still adores jewelry and very recently, hair clips. I know I'm indulging her but I cannot stop myself from buying dress-up accessories like feathered headbands, masks and hats. I just got her a little wand like Abby Cadabby's and I'm trying to teach her "Abracadabra". Hmmm, that might take a while.

She's going through coloring books like nothing on earth. Left to her own devices, she will furiously color entire pages in the same color but when accompanied, she can almost color within the lines. I try to guide her on the colors of certain things but mostly just let her imagination run free. Pink suns and orange grass - super fun!

Books have taken a slight backseat lately just because she's been occupied with so many other things but we still read at least 5 books a day. Lately, she's been into The Tiger Who Came To Tea & in general just loves any animal-related stories. Not much teevee lately, save for Peppa Pig & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

She loves her music too. Although we all know R & B is her one true love, especially Jay-Z (I KNOW!), she doesn't mind the 80s and especially loves the oldies!

She adores her older cousin, Talia, often pretending to be speaking to her on the phone. Sadly,  she has not much time for little Eliana. I remember Talia being super duper attentive to Miranda when they were younger. Miranda's really into little babies but I guess she doesn't think Eliana qualifies as "little baby" any more.

Miranda is a sharer. This must be an innate quality because she is rarely with other kids and in circumstances where we tell her to share. Last Sunday at mass, she was snacking on her button biscuits. They were in a little container and as she popped one after another into her mouth, she kept going, "Yummy!" This little boy came along and when we told her that there was someone behind her, she turned around and then offered him one biscuit. She turned toward us, completely unaware of her show in generosity. Minutes later, the boy came back again and this time, she offered him the whole container, just going, "Nah!" The boy shook his head so Miranda did what was logical to her and offered him just one. He happily took it and his dad grabbed him away just at that moment, apologizing to us. This has happened on other occasions too, offering part of her Happy Meal toy at Maccas or sharing one of her two teaspoons with an older girl, also in church. Little heart of gold. This is something that I feel most proud of and my heart feels like bursting just at the thought of it.

But what she does do that makes me want to scream at her all the time - bite, pull my hair and hit me when she's frustrated. All these seldom happen but when they do, it's such a nightmare!  I shall write soon about the short story I made up to tell her to stop her from doing these things.

In spite of that though,  she's just so affectionate these days.  More than ever! I could get 10 kisses in a go and cuddles, totally unprompted. Those are the best kinds, I swear. Especially when you wake up to them. Best feeling in the world!