Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Secret Garden

As I was planting the vegetables 7 weeks ago, there was a niggling feeling that it was not going to work, Dwayne would make fun of me for making him build the planter box and I would never think about growing anything again.

My father-in-law waters the garden every morning but when it's my turn during the weekends, I just love taking my time. I leave Miranda on the couch with Peppa Pig on the DVD player and I make 3-4 trips with my little watering can.

There is a sense of calm every time I water the plants and while I'm not one to talk to them as some people do, I quietly will them to grow anyway. Last Friday, I noticed how tall the heirloom tomato plants were growing, how massive the spinach leaves were and how high the coriander was too. I wonder if there are carrots underneath but I dared not check. My chilli plant is the only one not really taking off but I am not complaining. Even the hydrangeas are blooming so beautifully. I just thought, wow, I am doing something right.

I'll probably not add any more vegetables, except for maybe kale, when I can find it but I hope to add poppies, peonies and my favourite cymbidium orchids soon. Hopefully the nursery has them the next time we go.

In the meantime, my one of my best friend's mum joked that they'd better be alive when they all visit this Sunday. Funny thing was, after she said that, last night, after a hot day, I noticed my hydrangeas wilting a little. I quickly watered them and prayed for the best. Good thing they were tip top again this morning.

Hope they survive the heat again today!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunny Days

At least two people I know had a good time today. My father-in-law just sent me this picture. :) Bet she's pretending to be a captain.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Little Robot Girl

For the past few weeks, we have been having company from Dwayne's mum staying over, Talia's sleepover, the whole Peart family visiting...No doubt it will be getting a little crazy over the next few weeks so it was nice to be spending time together, just us three. We did have dinner at our friends' place on Saturday night though. They both make really good Indian food and Miranda had a good five too many chicken wings! 

I realized this weekend that since she's started to put her words together to form sentences, she sounds like a robot with a sing-song voice. For example: Lily *split second pause* sleeeePing. Mommy *pause* ruuunNing. .

I know she will grow out of it very soon so I'm trying to get a video of her speaking like that. But then sometimes, she just takes us by surprise by speaking super fluently. Yesterday, while whinging for me to get Bear out of the car - Robot talk: "Mummy *pause* take *pause* bear". Then, Little Girl talk: Ok, Daddy's got it.

Dwayne and I constantly steal glances at each other like "Whaaat?!".

She is always keeping us on our toes too. When she is doing her puzzles (she probably knows all of them like the back of her hand) she will purposely place a piece wrongly and call out to us. Sometimes while we are distracted, we reply with a "Yea, yep.|" To which she will go, "No, wrong!" And if Dwayne is helping her, she will copy me and offer him a piece saying, " about....?" So condescending, right? Hahaha! Dwayne always jokes that he would hire her to be in his team at work because of her attention to detail. 

Our first time putting up Christmas decorations outside. After seeing the few lights glow in the dark last night, Dwayne and I want to get some more!

Miranda was bugging Dwayne to vacuum the whole day. He was busy sync-ing our iPhones so he left her to do an area on her own. Hah!

She always does this - roll and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. 
Sometimes, I don't even know why!

Grandpa came back with a punnet of strawberries from the strawberry farm at Mornington. Can't wait for Miranda to pluck some strawberries for herself when my parents visit in December.


Oh, and we also got her a little tree at K-Mart for $5!
Then we went to Myer and got some ornaments. 
Didn't get too many so I told Miranda she will have to use her jewelry to spruce it up!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thursday Pinspiration

 Wallpaper - love the watercolor look.  And so cheery too.
For the walk-in, perhaps?

I want this guy's crazy optimism.

That cap on Mrs Perfect. Let's take it out to the streets.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tis' The Season!

We put up our tree on Monday, two weeks earlier than usual. Normally, we do like everyone else does and set it up on December 1 but we wanted Miranda to get in the excitement a little earlier and to get used to the idea of the festive season upon us.

Miranda and I had bought three new ornaments on our shopping trip to the city a few weeks back. She picked them all - a pretty ballerina, a cupcake (as you do) and a rocking horse. I think that shall be our new tradition. Right now, most of ours are baubles in and only about 15-20 pretty ornaments.

Unlike last year, Miranda seemed afraid of whole mass of branches when the tree was not set up yet. But when it was all done up, she very helpfully carried the boxes and handed the baubles to me to place. We let her place a few and she was so careful, it was so cute!

After everything was placed, I realized the ballerina was missing! We looked everywhere for it. In the thrash, the shelves, the fridge (?!) and just couldn't find it. Miranda was quite upset. Even when she was about to sleep, she kept muttering, "Find barina." I thought I'd make a quick dash to the city the next day to get another one but my father-in-law found it the next morning, lying on one of the branches. The strangest thing!

 Caught them both in a major sayang moment just before we started on the tree.

 My Lil Elf.

My father-in-law took this picture.  It's blurry but I love it anyway.

Some pics from Friday.

 Our mother-daughter ootd shot.

 I don't know how many people passed her and went "awww". Hahhaa.

 She loved these penguins. Maybe it's time for a trip to Philip Island with her. :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

D & D

On Saturday, we went for Dwayne's annual company dinner at the Palladium in Crown Casino. I always look forward to it because it's the one night we get good food and dancing all in the same place. Plus I finally get to dress up! Also, people keep it classy by not getting wasted like they do in the clubs.

This year, I got my dress really early on. I was trawling eBay for a Gatsby-esque dress and actually found an old Cooper St one, which was brand new with tags for $40 I think?! The price tag read $249.95 so even though it was last season or whatever, I didn't care solely because I'm still (and probably forever will be) in love with that era and the amazing clothes. 

Since it was a very pale mint green with silver sequins, I wanted to get sequinned shoes like this Zara pair:

Really pretty but also too dancer-ish? 

On the day of the dance, I still hadn't settled on the shoes so I was looking for a pair like this Lipstik ones I saw online. I saw a couple of similar designs from other brands but they were all $200+?! Scored these at Myer for 25% so I got it ridiculously cheap at $45.

But wait. Another pair had stolen my heart just before I spotted the sensible choice. A pair of Wayne Cooper patent pink pumps. Totally could not resist and with my MIL being the devil's advocate, I succumbed and got it. 

So glad I did because on hindsight, the white pair would have been dancer-ish and more than that, a bit blah on the outfit since it would be too pale.

So I clashed (like I did last year) the pink patent pumps with the pale mint dress and I thought it worked. ;) (You do have to be confident, right?!)

Me and my hot date every year!

With Dwayne's boss and his lovely wife, whom I always have a blast with. In three hours, we talked about a host of things - kids, new house, gardening, tragedies... and we danced a whole lot too!

First course was such a winner, I'm still dreaming of it. Chipotle crusted tuna, salmon and shrimp with avocado and white bean puree with a lovely salsa. So YUM!

We were taking group photos when Dwayne's big boss and founder of the company, Lindsay Fox was coming out of the ballroom to make his way home - we seized the opportunity to take a picture with the legend himself. ;)

Another winner was the hazelnut praline cake. Actually the mains were yummy too but my iPhone lighting just didn't do them justice so I decided not to post them.

Till next year!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Miranda My Teenager/ Old Lady

Tell you what, my little 2-year-old sometimes sounds like a 12-year-old.

A few instances:-

Dwayne: (Brought the outdoor furniture home, which needed fixing) Sweetie pie, do you want to help?
M: Oh. No.. I busy. I colour animal.


FIL: (As he's looking into her room, when he just arrived to our place) Hello, darling!
M: *frowns* I changing. *closes door*


Dwayne: (Tickling her to disturb her). 
M: Tsk. Stop it!


Dwayne: (When his cousin's twin girls were over): Why don't you play with your friends?
M: Uh, boring.


And then sometimes, she's like a lil old lady.

M: (When she is coloring on the floor and sees some dust) Daddy, dirty! Vacuum!!!

She will proceed to take the whiteboard duster and "clean up" the entire area.

M: (When she walks into her room when we return from somewhere) Oh dear, messy!!

She will start putting all her toys away, properly.

M: (Putting Abby/ Bear/ Bunny to sleep) Ssshhhhh!! Abby/ Bear/ Bunny sleeping! Quiet, quiet!

She will deliberately point to them with one finger and shush us with another on the other hand, like we are the little kids instead.


And at any time she wants attention, whether in teenager/ old lady mode:

M: Daddy! (short, stern snap)*
M: Mommy! (whiny, singalong)*

*exchange names

And we are summoned.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thursday Pinspiration

Party spoons! Party time!

My God loves me

These are Prada but I'm sure I can find an inexpensive pair of happy sunnies ;)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dear Santa

Miranda's Wish List

 dress/ puzzle/ shoes/ chic-est French bakery/ finger puppet stage/ guitar

Dear Santa
I can vouch that Miranda has been a good girl this year.
What will you get her? ;)
xxx, momma

Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas Wish List - mine

Christmas Wish List

 hat/ bath caddy/ pyjamas/ lingerie/ running shoes/ lipstick

To be honest, my real wish list would consist of only things for the home at the moment but for fun, I'm concentrating on just me. :)

Miranda @ 26 months

Life with a 2 year old is so much fun.

She puts on her fairy skirt, pulls out her wand and goes "Abra". She covers one eye and nudges one arm with gusto going "AAARR". She puts on a little Vietnamese traditional hat, gets on her car and says she's a cowboy. She says she's flying an airplane into space and wants her jacket.

She has a real fascination with animals- I think she really knows them all. She knows all the animal sounds, can tell the difference between a rhino and a hippo, what baby animals are called, she loves Katy Perry's "Roar" video and can recognize the song on the radio within the first two beats (but of course, after countless times of watching it on YouTube!). She hops and goes "ribbit". When we scold her, she keeps quiet for awhile, but then roars and "pounces" with her hands like she's a lion and she's scarier. And then laughs. She will lay on her belly and go, "Scuttle, scuttle" and she tells you she's a crab.

She works on her puzzles methodically.  When the going gets a bit tough, she will pretend that she's "tired" and needs to "rest".

She counts, always leaving "5" out like her Godpa.

She says she's hungry when she sees food on the table even if she already had her meal. She loves her sweets and chocolate but she knows when it's time to "mum-mum". That's her word for serious food.

She will tell you if she's busy, if something/ someone is boring, to go away (when she's doing a poo). 

She will tell you when something is fun, when she wants to dance.

She doesn't say "prom" for "promise" anymore. Which broke my heart. So when "promi" finally becomes "promise", I might be a real train wreck.

She doesn't like us (Dwayne and I) once we are in our work clothes. When we get home, she makes us change. She will even lay out Dwayne's slippers and make me wear my jacket, telling me it's cold. And only then will she play with us.

Her kitchen and all her play food mean the world to her. Her cupcakes and tea set are her everything.

She loves her books and her beloved Peppa Pig. 

She will ask for a secret every night. 

She will say "I love you" and I will say "I love you more" and she will ask for a kiss.

She will say "Good night" and "Sweet Dreams".

And then we cuddle till she falls asleep.

Having a 2-year-old is great, right? ;)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Remember how I said Miranda eats everything? 

She had lamb curry my MIL made and super spicy murukku my Indian neighbour gave us for Deepavali. And she came back wanting more for both of them!

She's my kid, alright!

Cup Day

We didn't do much on Cup Day. While Dwayne was content to just stay home and chill, I couldn't bear to let the day go to waste completely. Not that being at home is wasting away. But when the sun is out here in cranky, temperamental Melbourne, it is just glorious. So off we headed to Williamstown for fish & chips and ice-cream. Well, we had ice-cream. M chose a rainbow one and then said it was yucky.

We got home and she asked for ice-cream again. And this time, she totally loved her drumstick.:) Must be like her Daddy, preferring to stay home and chill.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween - The Little Detective

I had a lot of fun putting this together but I was so worried that Miranda would not wear it, I actually bought a hula girl costume just in case. Turns out, she was totally into it. The hat was a regular adult-sized one but she knew how to tip it just so we could see her face. She also never let go of her magnifying glass and was a total trooper with the suspenders. Since I was in a rush, I did not manage to find her glasses and put on her bow tie in time for trick-o-treatin' but we came home and took a few shots of our cute little detective with the good camera, anyway.

Shots from the iPhone were a lot more candid and I just love how she hammed it up for me!

Loveee her!!

Behind the scenes part 1 hahahah - we had just left our place and she was trying to get used to it.

 The bunch of them trick-o-treatin'.

My favourite shot that day, definitely. 

Miranda Holmes on the way.

Can't wait for next year's Halloween, already! Dwayne and I agreed that we will definitely try to spookify our house a little bit too. Woooooooo.......