Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Theme This Year

It's still some months ahead but Dwayne and I have already picked a theme for Miranda's second birthday party and I just couldn't wait to share it here!

At first, I was gunning for a Peppa Pig theme this year, seeing as she loves that little bossy pig so much. But K, my sister-in-law is already throwing a Peppa Pig themed party for my niece E's first birthday in July.

Then I thought of a pirate party (because it's so cool!) but Miranda sorta knows nothing about pirates.

And then a rainbow themed party cos' she loves rainbows so much. When I mentioned this to Dwayne, he said, "But I thought we could do a tea party instead since she loves dress-up and her tea set. And then have the invite say "Miranda's having a tea party?"


I thought it was the sweetest thing that he had actually thought of it and also, to the extent of visualising the invitation card. He can really surprise me sometimes.

I was still kinda hesitant on having the tea party because I thought a rainbow party would be much easier but I saw this picture on Pinterest and was sold.

I mean, of course we have to do this (or rather, attempt something along these lines). Paper flowers, paper crowns, buntings and balloons.

Little girl tea parties don't have to ALL be pink. :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

The people we met..and the things we did..

Ok. So I bet you are bored of all the Singapore posts already but this is the last one!

We didn't get to meet as many friend as liked because of the short trip and the fact that we wanted to cram some outings (the zoo, Sentosa etc.) but I'm glad we met the people we met. Wouldn't have been worth it otherwise.

Saturday night, after a long day at the zoo. We went for our fake hens night celebration for QY. Let it be known that we stayed out till 4am!

Mothers Day celebration at Paradise Dynasty with the family. Loved that I got to spend it with my darling grandmother. :)

 And then we had a great time in the pool with my siblings and ValloWello. 

Have to post some videos that she sent me soon.

Met up with my girlfriends. :) Tea and cake and then Sushi Tei!

These lovely folks are from Dwayne's maternal family. They especially took a half day off on Tuesday to take us to Yum Cha.

We met Berlyn and her husband Gary for dinner after. No wonder I put on 3kg when I was there, right? Miranda was so scared of Gary, it was hilarious!

Old friends at their place on a Wednesday night. Mitchi cooked and Fla ordered Dwayne's chicken from his favourite Indian food stall! So loved and so happy to finally see their gorgeous little ones!

We haven't talked in over a year but she's still the very same Nadia. Love.

Dwayne's dad's sister, Aunty Bev. She took us to the Seletar Country Club for lunch. Miranda warmed up to her more than a bit!

 Celebrating my brother's 28th in advance and then off to the airport. :(

Met two other friends - Nurul on Friday afternoon and Lian on Monday afternoon but *sigh* no pictures were taken. :(

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Wedding

I've missed countless weddings of people near and dear to me in the last few years that I've been here. It's something that it's completely out of my control - all this missing and missing out. Our home, leave and little kid are things to think about. Obviously it doesn't help that I will forever know more people in Singapore than here in Melbourne. Last year I missed two wonderful weddings in December and I expect I shall be missing a lot more down the road.

Thankfully, my thoughtful best friend included me in her wedding planning from the very beginning so I knew how to work around it. We talked about the colour theme, the hotel decor, the invites etc. all the way through e-mail, g-chat, Whatsapp ..you name it. Even though I was left flummoxed at how carefree she seemed (compared to me) a few times, I have to say, she was the chillest bride who pulled it all off without a single hitch (that I could see).

My sole job for the day was to "make sure the bride is picture perfect all the time" but she was flawless and so very radiant - my task was a walk in the park! It was also my first time being a "jie mei" and it was kinda fun. The groom was a real sport.

Here are pictures that you probably won't see anywhere else because unlike me, QY does not put up pictures on FB all the time hahh.

When I arrived the make-up artiste had already started.

Gatecrashing dares : "tequila shots", wasabi cones, bittergourd juice.

Beautiful bride

Loved the "brothers'" get-up.

Got through the gate, now to get through the door!

The bride with her absolutely lovely parents. Whom I conversed with in Mandarin okaaayy hahahaha.

The cool as hell wedding shoes.

Photo shoot at Seletar Reservoir.

The jie meis and bridesman.

Bride in the intricate "kua".

In the bridal suite at Goodwood Park.

Waiting to be worn again. Tulleeeeee.

ROM set-up by the pool.

She looked like a 60s Chinese pin-up.

The thoughtful/ thoughless groom (depends how you see it) who got an assortment of macarons from Laduree for her.

My baby, who was an absolute grumpus that day. Sigh. But isn't her dress sooo pretty?

She rocked the dress and the shoes.

Someone wanted a picture of her back. :)

My girls. :)

Singapore Zoo

We just visited the Melbourne Zoo and seeing how Miranda completely enjoyed herself, we just had to let her experience the Singapore Zoo. And obviously, she totally loved it!

It was a bummer that the River Safari is not totally done up yet because we would have loved to go on a boat. But I guess it's nice to have something to look forward to for when we come back.
Obviously had to have Ben & Jerry's.
The gorgeous white tigers
The elephants spraying "clean" water all over the audience.
Showing off its nifty legwork, this one.
One of the few times Godpa got to carry her. :(
My gorgeous siblings.
Miranda and the lion (ROAR)