Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Australia Day

These two were so cute with their little lunch bags and hats. Too bad M had left her sunnies in the car. I think they look like early settlers on some foreign land haha.

Beautiful beach.

Only her second time at the beach but she absolutely loved it. Hopefully we'll be back again soon!

My love and part of Miranda's manicured hand.

Miranda was saying, "Smile, cheeeese!"

Wishing we were back there just looking at this picture.

With Dwayne's sister, Natalie.

Miranda & Talia.

Miranda counting shells collected.

Talia and my mother-in-law.

Ah, I love summer! Sun, sand, sea and family :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Last night, Miranda refused to be put to bed by Dwayne. Usually she takes his hand and announces, "Bed time!" before proceeding to her room. But no, last night she wanted Mommy.

So I brought her in and we said prayers together. As usual, she prayed for all the members of our families that she knows of and everything. At the end, I said, "Amen." She shook her head and said, "And all the animals?!" I was so shocked so I just said, "Yes, of course. All the animals too!"

When she had turned in, I went out to the living room and asked Dwayne, "She prays for the animals?!" And he said, "Yea, because at first she used to pray for the lions, the tigers, the elephants and all.. So I just told her to pray for all the animals."


Thank You so much for this sweet, sweet child.

That Thing You Do

Lately, as you know, Miranda has just been talking, talking, talking. Not just saying words or sentences but chattering away with a lot of indignation or conviction. She also exaggerates a lot when she talks and it is absolutely hilarious.

These are some things she has said recently that just made me look at her and think, "Why ah? Why are you so drama (dramatic)?"


She was talking about making an umbrella with her Lego so Dwayne helped her build one. She loved it until I brought out a small, Chinese parasol I had bought for her in Singapore last year. Her eyes lit up in bewilderment and she exclaimed, "Wow! Wow, Mommy! I have never seen it. I have never, ever seen it before!" I noticed how she adds more words to her follow-up sentence these days, just like this one.


And then, once while she was on my bed, she pulled out my iPhone from under my pillow and said, "Here's your phone, Mommy. Here's your very nice, white phone." Another follow-up sentence with more descriptive words.


While changing her a few days ago, I asked her what should the theme of her birthday party this year be. I asked, "Do you want a pirates or a princess party?" Without hesitation, she replied, "Pirates!" Then while watching Playschool a few days later, they had a dinosaur themed show. I then asked her, "What do you think? Dinosaurs or pirates party?" This time, she answered thoughtfully, "Uhmm, I think... pirates." With a little nod of her head to seal the deal. Then I just said casually, "Yeah, cool. Princess parties are getting a bit boring, I think."  Dwayne came home and I asked him to ask her what kind of party she wants. She told him this, "I want pirates. I captain. Princess party boring, Daddy. Talia princess party." Talia is her cousin, who loves princesses and I don't know how Miranda made the connection but she totally got me into trouble there!


On Friday I took her out to the city. We were having breakfast at a cafe and I had to tell her to sit properly, like a big girl. When I had to strap her back into the stroller, she was giving me a hard time and kept saying she wanted to walk. Since it was raining, I couldn't compromise so I said, "Look sweetie pie, all the babies are in their prams." To which she replied, "But Miranda big girl!" Mommy got owned.


Any time I ask her a question which starts with "Why?", she will answer, "Because.. ( insert weird, funny answer). That's why!" And then she will theatrically spread her hands to show that your question was so silly in the first place.


We were preparing to go to the shops one evening and I said to Dwayne, "What are we going to do? It's raining." Miranda goes, "I got idea!" "Oh ok, what is it?" She says, "We can use a barilla (umbrella)." =_=


I have to say we are loving this stage so much. It's the fun part, where she cannot articulate her sentences properly but her ideas come through perfectly.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Days Like These

There are days, where, no matter how zen you want to be, there's a person right in front of you just asking to be slapped silly. And the worst thing is, the fault is on you for having such a thought. For being judgmental, for being less patient. You will yourself to remember the goodness and kindness from once upon a time but it is all in vain. 


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Night time convos

Dwayne told me this morning that last night, while he was putting Miranda to bed, she was talking non-stop. After a while, he stopped talking to her so that she could concentrate on sleeping. Miranda then asked Dwayne to hold hands. They did and she said, "Daddy. We best friends."

My heart.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Miranda says the darndest things

Over the past few weeks at home with her, I realised that our daughter has become quite the witty one. 

As I told you guys earlier, Dwayne's taken to calling me G.O.L. (Grumpy Old Lady) so I have retaliated, weakly,  by calling him B.O.M. (Bossy Old Man).

Anyway, the other day, Dwayne was on the phone with Cass, my younger sister and he seemed really interested in what she was saying on the other end, going, "Really?", "What?!". So I was gesturing to him to tell me what it was that he was talking to her about.

When he hung up, I asked him again what he was talking to her about and he refused to say, instead telling Miranda, "Sweetie pie, Mommy's so kaypo*. Can you say 'kaypo queen'?"

Miranda does. I was mildly taken aback because she always "protects" me.

So I say, "Sweetie pie, Daddy's B.O.M."

Miranda: Daddy B.O.M.
Dwayne: Mummy G.O.L.
Miranda: Daddy B.O.M.!!!

After a while of going back and forth with the calling of names, Dwayne says, " Sweetie pie, who's the Bossy Pants?" Referring to her.

She frowns, pauses and says, "I not talking." (I'm not answering that.)


So this "I not talking" occurs during several conversations with her over the next few days. We just thought it was so funny how she knew to use the sentence in the most appropriate instances.


Last Saturday morning, Miranda and I were up earlier in bed and I was trying to teach her the concept of a knock-knock joke. I tried a few times to teach her how after I say "knock-knock", she has to ask "who's there?". She didn't get it till maybe the fourth or fifth try.

Me: Knock knock.
M: Who's there?
Me: Orange.

Dwayne rolls around and faces us, chiding, "That's not it! You're telling it wrong!"

So I asked him to tell it.

D: Knock knock.
Me: Who's there?
D: Banana.
D: Knock knock.
Me: Who's there?
D: Banana.
D: Knock knock.
Me: Who's there?
D: Orange.
Me: Orange who?
D: Orange you glad it's not banana?

Miranda, in the meantime, was listening to us and she tries as well.

M: Mommy, knock knock.
Me: Who's there?
M: Orange.
Me: Orange who?
M: Orange glad not banana? (in the right tone and everything!)

We were so proud of her and we were laughing, cheering and clapping. And I could see D was just grinning like anything. 

And he says: Sweetie pie, do you know who you get your sense of humour from?
M: I not talking.

Too funny!!!

There are just too many more to write about but I don't think I ever want to forget these instances.

She is growing up for sure!

*sticky beak, nosy parker

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thursday Pinspiration

Sandwich cake! How have I never seen this beautiful creation? Apparently it was really popular in the 60s. Definitely have to bring this trend back. On my next party menu, for sure!!

I love colour but I also love good old black and white paired with a bright coloured handbag.


Little Darling

A giggle is all it takes.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes 2014

I was watching the repeat telecast of the Golden Globes last night with my father-in-law. Managed to catch the second half while Dwayne put Miranda to bed. My father-in-law is not one for TV or movies so he kept whinging about how these shows are all about "Thank you and good night" and why does anyone bother to watch them? Hahaha. Duh. The fashion, of course! Luckily I had recorded the show on another channel and I fully intend to gawk at the red carpet walk-ins on Friday afternoon when Miranda is asleep.

But well, obviously I already searched the internet for my favourite looks. Don't know about you guys but these were the only ones who caught my eye and the rest were kinda boring! The American award shows have been a little disappointing in the style section for me lately. Five years since I've been here and I realised the Aussies bring a lot more edge and colour at their awards though they do have the occasional black sheep in tacky dresses too. I'm so over the mermaid, strapless and va-va-voom 50s ballgowns.  Hollywood, you need to up your game! 
I would say I'm looking forward to the Academy Awards fashion but I'd be lying. Bring on the Grammys! :)

Love the sheer slashes but would have loved this more on a cobalt blue.

Clean lines on a nude dress and sparkly details. Are those crystals twined on leather?

A bit dreamy and a little quirky.

More the woman than the dress. She wears it like second skin, her hair and make-up are so fitting. I think she looks perfect all around in this outfit. I didn't even realise she was pregnant when I saw her presenting!

So now, just waiting on the nominees for the Oscars. Will Leo be snubbed again? :(


Since having Miranda, we have spent every single NYE at home. And to be honest, I really don't mind it one bit. This time, Kelly and Paul stayed the night at our place with Eliana on NYE. We did simple, fun things and had good food - I fried chicken wings and Paul made pizza, Dwayne prepared drinks and most importantly, we brought out the board games!

The kids co-operated too. Miranda had been sick since the 28th so she went down easily but surprisingly, Eliana was so comfortable, she slept right through NYE till the next morning.

I whipped up champagne brunch the following morning - crepes, leftover ham, salami, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and poached eggs. Only thing missing was the orange juice for some mimosas - but no one minded ;)

Cider we got from Sunny Ridge. SO yummy!

 Pear, onions and blue cheese.

 Chorizo, mozarella and jalapenos.

Black & White because Kelly and I had no make-up on.

Crepes, ham, salami, mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, poached eggs and wilted spinach.


Sunday, January 12, 2014


Daylesford is a quaint little town north-west of Melbourne, Victoria. It has an idyllic charm and lush surroundings that took my breath away the first time I was there. These days, it brings back good memories of when I was holidaying here while Dwayne was still a student. We had such a good time with my best friend and her boyfriend (also now her husband).

Anyway, we brought my parents there when they were here. It was the perfect way to spend a slow, lazy day. We took our time exploring Convent Gallery and other parts of the town. Only bummer was that my favourite place, the Boathouse Restaurant, had been burnt down a year ago and I had not realised it! Really hope they re-open as soon as possible, though. The fish and chips were amazing!

Trying out the water at the mineral springs.

Miranda eagerly helping to pump.

I was shaking the whole time these pictures above were taken!

MDD - Mother Daughter Date

Busy as last week was being the first week back at work, it was strangely a welcome change from the festive season. It took me by surprise that I found the routine and hum-drum of everyday life a lot more relaxing than the holidays even though I was dreading the return to work. I suppose it's true what they say - you just can't have too much of a good thing. That said, as I was talking to my best friend on the phone last night I was watching the sunset and as beautiful as it is everyday, it's never quite looked forward to on Sundays.

Miranda and I went for a mother-daughter date on Friday. Started with Mickey's Magic Show. We took the train to the city. I think Miranda knows now, that if she is going out with Mommy, we are usually headed to the city and we will take the train. I told her we were going to see Mickey the day before and when we woke her up the next morning, she got up easily and was raring to go. It was so adorable how she was naming all the characters on the way there. She was just so excited to see all her "friends". 

After the show, I made her promise she'd stay up during the walk to Little Bourke St for lunch. We had yum cha and she just charmed all the wait staff with the way she sat properly and ate the food. I can't say enough how lucky I feel to have a child who is so adventurous with her food and is game to try almost anything.

We went for a spot of shopping later and she helped me choose some clothing for some of her future friends overseas and here in Melbourne. ;) And she dozed off straight after.

I have been taking Miranda out on my own by public transport even before she turned one. Before, I did it mostly to get out of the house and it could be stressful at times handling her all on my own but it's gotten so much easier. It's like going out with my best friend that I made now because I realized that when she naps, I suddenly feel all alone. And I can't help but feel sad that this phase will end soon enough and she will be all grown up before I know it. 

All I can say is, and I hope I'm not sounding too preachy, treasure every stage of your little's lives. They just grow wayyy too quickly! :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thursday Pinspiration

Fashion week invite - Miranda's birthday invite inspiration.

Chanced upon this Shakuhachi number (so much colour, I love!) with sequins. 
Got the tank version instead - more wearable and less presh!

Not really into nail art but this is so pretty!