Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Favourite Guy

Miranda took these pictures of Dwayne with my phone the other day. They turned out surprisingly clear and I just adore that two of them are so candid.

We love him so much. This man is everything to us. :)

Leggings for kids


Just checked out Etsy for some unique leggings. Love these homemade and organic ones I came across.

Leggings are something I dress Miranda in nearly 3/4 of the year so I definitely don't mind spending a little bit more on these.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Always Better When We're Together

My sister has been here for the past 10 days and it has been nothing short of amazing. My best friend in the truest sense. There is nothing to pretend and nothing to hold back. 

I had looked forward to her visit since she first decided she would come to Melbourne for a short stay - also to help out with looking after Miranda while my in-laws were away.  But in a flash, she's already leaving tonight. 

I love how she has gotten to know Miranda so much better. We use Skype a lot but really, there is no way of really knowing a child till you have spent time playing with her. If she was smitten by Miranda before, the damage has been made worse by Miranda's constant chattering and tugging of heartstrings.

But likewise, I'm about to have a meltdown myself when Cass leaves - I am going to miss my sister's genuine, generous and loving ways. She is the sweetest girl in the world - even Dwayne loves her like his own little sister.

This is how the story goes unfortunately....and I cannot wait to see her (and the rest of my family) in December! 

I spy Aunty Cass! - Cass' first day here and Miranda took to her straight away.

Sunday night, Cass and I cosied up on the couch at midnight with noodles and watched Grey's. 


Took leave on Monday and made rainbow pancakes for my two favourite girls.

Had pho and then churros with Adalina :)

Excuse Miranda's mismatched jacket! The only matching one was in the car.

Tried 400 Gradi for the world's best margherita pizza on Saturday night.

Good stuff!

Twas a beautiful Sunday!

Cass' favourite donuts at Victoria Market. 

Though we both had to admit they aren't as good as they used to be.

Som :)

My favourite.

Trying my green tea ice-cream with Adzuki beans - and loving it. Go me!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bump Talk

Week 24

Favourite food: Ice cubes

Weight gain: 3.5kg so far (snacking and suppering with my sister has taken its' toll!)

Annoying symptoms: -

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I've been here before - where bad weeks have happened in succession - and I have made it through.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bump Talk

 Week 23

Favourite food: - - I had an insane true pica craving of ice when I was carrying Miranda and it has just started again with this little one. Looks like it's ice-crunching all through winter again.

Weight gain: 2kg so far.

Annoying symptoms: -

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bump Talk

Week 22

Favourite food: This time, it's really a drink. Black lipton tea every night with a tsp of condensed milk and a tsp of sugar. Yikes!

Weight gain: 2kg so far.

Annoying symptoms: Leg cramps. Magnesium tablets are not doing their job. :(

Toilet Training Woes

We haven't exactly been motivated to toilet train Miranda. I don't see it as a biggie because we'll all eventually get there. It would be nice though, to save on diaper money! And with another one on the way, we thought it's time to get crackin' so we don't end up with both needing diaper changes.

We never really wanted to task my father-in-law with toilet training her but at the same time, we never are home long enough during the weekends to train her ourselves. Since he's on holidays in Singapore and Dwayne is home with her for the week, we kick-started this on Monday. 

It was a disaster.

Miranda, for all her OCD and neat ways, just doesn't want to warm up to the idea of the potty. And the potty has actually been there for a while now. She sits on it before bath times just to get her used to the idea. She even has a potty book which she can actually read by heart.

Anyway, accidents happened on the first day. Well, they can't be called accidents if they were done on purpose.... hmm? She just refused to tell Dwayne when she wanted to go and even promised him she wasn't doing a poo when she really was trying to. She kept her promise and promptly broke it 20 minutes later.

Every time Dwayne let her do something on the account that she promised to tell him when she wanted to go to the potty, she would happily promise and then whine when it was time to keep it.

Dwayne said she actually told him, "I don't know why Miranda promise. I just don't know why!"

Yesterday, she kept all her promises. Dwayne said big girls use the potty so she just replied, "Well... I'm not a big girl. I'm a small girl." So Dwayne reasoned, "Small girls don't get to eat chocolates but you do." Miranda said, "Daddy, sometimes, you know... small girls need to have chocolate too."

I wish so much to participate in this little smarty's "reasoning" and really, the woes of it all, frustrating as it surely must be but Cass, my sister, takes over next week. I hope she has it better than Dwayne. Really. Otherwise she might not want to be my sister any more. Or even, Miranda's aunt. Haha.

We'll see how she goes. And I'll keep you guys updated. ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

To be honest, we have never really fussed about Mothers Day. My parents were not the type to encourage it upon us - like my father making an effort for my mother or vice-versa. Though my father really cannot give Fathers Day a second thought, we all knew my mother loved celebrating it so as we grew older, it became something that was obligatory and expected by the sheer commercialism of it all.

Ever since I became a mother myself, you might imagine that I feel differently to this but no, not really. Although it is nice and it is sweet that my husband, whose family loves celebrating these "extra special days", continues to do celebrate it with me, I don't actually need this day to validate myself.

Nothing about "Everyday is Mothers Day" or that "It's just an excuse for the florists to make money". Also, I'm definitely not one of those who say, "It's Mothers Day. I should be given a day off from everyone and just be allowed to do what I want!". I can see where these people are coming from making statements like that but I'm not opposed to it because of these reasons.

I also don't buy into a lot of sentiments shared by my fellow new mothers when they say they sacrificed a lot and they "went through so much" especially with regards to labor. Unless you nearly died, please forgive me when I say I cannot comprehend these feelings.

You see, to me, motherhood is a choice. Sure we gave the kids life - but we also chose to bring that life into the world. I think we all need to remember something really important - they never asked to be born. They are actually gifts to us - gifts that actually keep on giving, especially when they are happy and in good health.

Traits like honesty and kindness - they are our responsibilities after all. To instill in them and to nurture in them. So it would only be to our credit that they grow up to be good, loving people. 

To expect anything other than that is quite unfair, really.

The only person I would ever expect anything from is my husband because I knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I married him - luckily for me, it's been quite a good ride hah!

So when he asked me what I'd like for Mothers Day, trust me when I said without any qualms, "I don't want anything. Which means... I also don't want to cook." Then again, ask me any day and I'd likely say the same thing. This pregnancy has got me beat. It is the honeymoon period but tell you what, I'm constantly exhausted!

Since I didn't want to cook, Dwayne brought us out instead - a really nice lunch at Meat & Wine Co. He had actually purchased a voucher for it a while back so we didn't have to pay exorbitant prices or anything. We ate till our bellies were so full, we thought we would have to roll out of the restaurant. And the laughs that the two of them provided - my little lady and my main man - they made the baby in my belly happy too, for sure.

I hope that those of you who truly believe mothers should have a day all for themselves, had a really nice time. It was just another day for me, but everyday is a good day if we make an effort for it to be. Also helps that the weather co-operated yesterday! :)

My angel girl quite taken with this cute chair at Adairs Kids. Matched her outfit color for color too!

The chips and bread were good. The aioli? It was something else!! So good!

Calamari with nam jim sauce, caramelised pork belly and lamb riblets. Every single morsel, a piece of heaven from these entrees.

Steak - I had to have mine medium. Not happy about that. :(

The garlic mash was so good though and I really tried my best to finish it... but couldn't.

Little Lady & Main Man

My little lady & baby in belly.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mid-Sleeve Fever

I was browsing ASOS and I have to say - - - I am MAJORLY crushing on these mid-sleeved boxy type tops. They seem so easy to wear without looking super casual. I already got the first one. Think I'm gonna grab myself some more of these!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bump Talk

Week 21

Favourite food: Peanut butter on soy and linseed toast (still. can't. get. enough.)

Weight gain: 1kg

Annoying symptoms: -

This little one is pretty active. Most nights, as soon as I slump down on the couch, it lets me know it's there.

Can't wait to meet you, my love. :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cold Day Out

We had dessert before lunch. Dwayne and I had ice-cream at Nitrogen Gelato and Miranda had a Krispy Kreme. Bad parents we are! 

White Tomato for lunch. Miranda finished everything on her plate. She loved the doenjang jiggae I ordered and the seafood pancake was a winner (with the other baby ;)).

Miranda checking out the sunglasses range at David Jones. She also loved her leopard print shorts so much (old though!) and kept pointing them out to me.

It's always a real treat for me to go into the city with Dwayne and Miranda. I work close by and can drop in whenever but I love their company and it is always so nice to have them go to the new places I have discovered and try the food I have had. Dwayne is totally over the city life since he worked there before I moved here. He believes he can get almost everything he needs from the shopping mall near where we live. Since we live a 30-min drive from the city (read: ulu), I'm always starved for good shopping hence the crazy amount of online shopping I do. 

Not exactly complaining about where we live because it does have its good points but I guess coming from Singapore, I will forever be a city girl (I have probably proclaimed this a million times on this blog!).