Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hell of the North

Dwayne and I met an old friend of mine for dinner last night and on my boss' recommendation, we checked out Hell of the North.

Good company, good food. 

Plus we probably won't be able to have a night out like this for a while so it was quite looked forward to. Except, that by 8pm, both Dwayne and I were getting a bit uncomfortable. We have no idea why it feels okay when it's just the two of us out alone but when we are out with friends, even with those whom we love dearly, we are always feeling guilty that we haven't seen Miranda all day and that with each passing minute, we are going to get less and less time with her when we get home. 

We must be the oddest people. Or just normal parents. Hah.

Mocktail for me - Dixie cooler

Pomme frites

Dwayne's Beef Bourguignon, Marrow Butter

My Milawa Duck Pot-au feu

Last day of work

It's Thursday! Last day of work -- for 7 months!!!

I have quite a bit to do though - finishing up work and for the birthday party!!!

Wish me luck :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bump Talk

36 weeks

Weight gain: 12kg.

No back pain. Yay! Baby is well and truly head down already. You know what that means. P-time.

So over it. Can't wait to pop but I need the little one to cook in there a little while longer. At least till Miranda and Dwayne have their birthday party this Saturday. Even better if it comes after their actual birthday on Tuesday. I really don't know what I'll do if I have 3 of them sharing the same birthday. 


I have been so nervous about childbirth. Even though it will be the second time, I think the known is scaring me a lot more than the unknown. There's not a single part that I look forward to besides finally meeting my new baby. The other day, we had a false alarm and I panicked at the thought of internal checks and stuff. Ahh.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Childhood with my Child

I have no idea what games they are playing in schools these days. I don't even know if they do play anything at all since people are always on some electronic device (myself included).

My generation had the Nintendo, X-box and Sega but I was never really into those. My friends/ neighbours and I caught millipedes (which I can't even stand to look at now!), played in the rain, ran and jumped, skipped and hopped and really were just outdoors any time our parents said we could. I know it could sound slightly idyllic now but what a time that was. I'm so, so glad technology was not in the way of my childhood.

Last night, after dinner, Miranda was being all "best-friendly" with me as usual and I was holding both her hands when I got reminded of a childhood game. I decided to take a shot and play it with her. It's a hand-action game sung in Mandarin so she has no clue what it's all about. Actually all my Chinese friends I sent the video to said her intonation is pretty good and she could pronounce most words but she was busy trying to make me laugh with her silliness. She was also busy giggling on her own at what I think is how funny the words sounded to her. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Burch & Purchese "Afternoon Tea" At The Langham

I am such a sucker for high tea. Scones and tea - what's not to love? But more than anything, I love ribbon sandwiches - thickly sliced bread with generous, yummy filling mmmm.

The sad part is, there's never enough of it here. I've been to a few teas and there's always far too much sweet stuff and not enough savory to balance it out. 

The same went for the B&P afternoon tea we went for recently. I do miss the high teas in Singapore where the selection is just insane! The wait staff at the Langham were exceptional though and the service was fantastic - that is something that will be lacking in my home country haha!

My girlfriend here, Mel, joined us for the tea.

Miranda's face totally lit up when she saw the treats.

My cutie pie.

Twas a beautiful day in Melbourne - almost looked like spring!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bump Talk

Week 35

Favourite food: -

Weight gain: 12kg

Annoying symptoms: Can't seem to sit in the car for extended periods.

I feel very, very heavy and just so tired all the time. It definitely did not feel this bad with Miranda. Must be age! Argh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2 September Babies

I was so late with making the birthday invites this year. Mostly because all our weekends have been so busy but also because I was tossing up between two themes till the very last minute. The easier theme won in the end - one that doesn't require me to spend too much time in the kitchen *in case anything happens* so the show can still go on.

Still, being the super stubborn person that I am, I refused to cave in to time pressure and send an e-card or a digitally made card. I love the process of making cards by hand. Also, I will never grow out of having pretty paper to work with. So with everything against me last weekend - no one would print my cards for me if I didn't buy paper from them - I spent two (very) late week nights doing these up by myself. I refused to get Dwayne involved in the process since it's his day too. 

So there you have it. They are simple but happy looking invites with different patterns for each card and a choice of ice-cream sticks or ice-cream cones. I rather like how they have turned out. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bump Talk

Week 34

Favourite food: -

Weight gain: 10kg

Annoying symptoms: Oh.. all the usual.

There's just so much to do. Miranda's/ Dwayne's birthday party, the arrival of this little baby and finishing up at work. I wish it was a case of tick-tick-tick for everything on the list but trust me, one thing leads to another and there is just no end to this madness. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Birthday Toy/ Book Wish List

Toy Wish List

To be honest, I would love if I didn't have to get Miranda yet another toy. Especially another bulky one. But which kid would be happy with just clothes for their birthday?

She loves her kitchen more than anything and spends hours in her room, cooking up stuff for all her "friends" (her soft toys). I love what the kitchen has done for her imagination. All her Lego cupcakes in the oven, her salad bowl in the fridge and all the wonderfully odd concoctions she comes up with - I just love watching her at work. 

She's also into selling her wares these days - her necklaces and bracelets, her ice-cream and lollies... etc. They go for cheap at $1/ piece too. Unless she doesn't like you, then you have to fork out $100. Haha. 

My little baby is turning 3!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

In the City

Lunch at Tutto Bene, Southbank.

She was so happy because she thought she was going to have her favourite fettucine. Turns out they didn't have it but I think the linguini made her happy enough. :)

Cheeky bum with Hamshala.

I'm always laughing around this girl.

I can still remember the time we laughed so hard in Home Ec class, we had to go out cos we were tearing so hard and had to pretend we were coughing.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend?

Typical Melbourne weather - from absolutely lovely to a huge downpour and hail!

We were so blessed to have so many friends visiting from Singapore last week. It takes only a little while for Miranda to warm up and then she's her usual chatty self. She completely adored Hamshala, my secondary school friend of 19 years! :)

Miranda's S/S Wish List... Ok, mine.

S/S Wish List

Spring/ Summer is on the way and I cannot help but look for Miranda's outfits already. I love the tutti frutti trend that's going on in the children's departments. Since Miranda has become extremely fussy about what she wears these days, it helps that she loves fruit and will love to wear anything with them on her clothing. Also, pockets. Anything with pockets are her favourites. :)

Ahh, summer and beach days come soon!