Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Nicolays' Ice Cream Party!

For the 2nd September babies' party this year, I couldn't trust myself to do too much lest I go into early labour and stress myself out more than necessary.

I had initially planned a sweet shoppe themed party with all of Miranda's favourite desserts and sweets - cupcakes, lollipops, doughnuts, jellies etc. Since I still wanted to bake her birthday cake as I do every year, I decided baking extra cupcakes and going out to get the doughnuts on the day of the party would be too much trouble. Also, what if I went into labour that day and no one could execute the party plans and decor?

After much hemming and hawing and going back and forth, I decided an ice-cream party would be the easiest to operate even without the control freak (me) around. Yes, Dwayne and I decided that the party would go on with/without us around (in case I went into labour that day).

Invites were sent out pretty late, say 3 weeks before. Over the course of the next 3 weeks, we bought the party stuff (party hats, utensils, toppings and sauces etc.), ordered the balloons and I got my sister-in-law to help with designing a poster/signage for the decor. Really, so much more could have been done but I just did not have the time (finishing up at work for maternity leave) and energy (35 weeks pregnant is not exactly an easy time). But it all worked out... Party wise. 

Because to tell you the truth, Miranda was feeling ill and out of sorts since the day before the party and was a little cranky on the day. She did not even try a bit of any of the 3 ice-creams I made (salted caramel, green tea or her favorite mint choc chip) or the 4 other store bought flavors and she didn't even want to open her presents! She also didn't even have the chocolate mud cake or the citrus mud cake of the 2-tier cake I baked for them.

Afterwards though, she could not stop talking about what an awesome party it was with the kids dancing to the limbo rock and playing with the bubbles from the bubble machine and she even told me that she had approved of the decor. I could not help but feel a little "validated" that she took notice of the details that went into the party planning. :p

Alright, pictures!

Saturday, September 20, 2014