Tuesday, July 29, 2014


It's been a while since I went out on a Friday with Miranda and I really missed our dates. The weather has just been so gloomy and windy that it would make it hard to enjoy our time out anyway. 

Last Friday I had no choice but to leave the confines of our home. I had bought tickets to the Gruffalo play very early on in the year. At that time, I knew I would be heavily pregnant and it would be winter. I was hoping so hard that it would be a nice day so it would make the day so much easier for me.

It turned out that I couldn't change the weather, no matter how much I wished and hoped. :/

But the good part was that Dwayne managed to send us to the city. We sneaked in breakfast with the lovely Daffy, who was visiting from Singapore and then caught a tram to St Kilda for the show. We just made the 10am show, arriving at 9.57am. Hah!

Since Kelly and Paul were also watching the play with little Eliana, they brought an extra car seat for Miranda so we all went to the city for yum cha. Miranda and I continued exploring the city after - brought her to Daiso for some art supplies and Japanese goodies and then went to the kids' section at the Emporium where she just went crazy. It's really well done, that place. 

Dwayne then picked us up from the city and Miranda fell asleep a minute after she got into the car but not before briefly summarising what we had done that day.

Melbourne girl.

Sometimes I  think about how different our childhoods are and how different our lives will be. 


The Gruffalo play. It was such a good production.


Yum Cha - Miranda and I love our prawn dumplings ;)
My cutie patootie pie. Can't get enough of her.

Shopping @ Zara. She liked those sandals but I didn't... hah!


Last week, one of my favourite girls from Singapore came to visit with her husband and newborn (Yes! All of 8 weeks old, newborn!). How happy I was for some catch up time and smelling that newborn head. Ah, can't wait to smell my own heh heh heh.

This last picture cracked me up. I returned from the bathroom and saw these two in the Barbie section chatting. The most normal thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, eh? How our lives have changed!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bump Talk

Week 33

Favourite food: Had yum cha on Friday afternoon and boyyy, I really wish I could have prawn dumplings and custard buns everyday!

Weight gain: 10kg

Annoying symptoms: Pain on the left side of my mid-back (bra strap area).

I had the same type of pain when carrying Miranda so this is all too familiar. I thought it wouldn't be quite as bad since I'm not carrying as much overall weight (with Miranda, I had already gained 14kg around this time). 

Tough luck. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


"I don't have a baby in my belly. My belly has LOTS and LOTS of blueberries!!!" - Miranda, aged 2 years and 10 months.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bump Talk

Week 32

Favourite food: Egg sandwiches!!!

Weight gain: 9 kg 

Annoying symptoms: NOmg. 

The leg cramps. The backaches starting from 1-2pm everyday. The constant peeing. 

And I really miss my raw sushi.

In other news, this little one seems to be really uncomfortable in there. There must be very little space to move since I can feel it from end to end. Poor little baby. Just grow in there for at least 6 more weeks and it will be win-win for both of us. ;)

Monday, July 21, 2014

What a July.

The bad news all started trickling in bit by bit. The situation in the middle east and the shooting down of MH17.

Closer to home, a dear family member had a stroke over the weekend and is now paralysed on the left side. 

Yesterday, my colleague's dog died rather unexpectedly after just a weekend of being sick.

And last night, my mum told me that my friend's dad had committed suicide.

What a July.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bump Talk

Week 31

Favourite food: -

Weight gain: 9 kg 

Annoying symptoms: Not a symptom but fear.

All the crazy thoughts have come back to spook me. I can be extreme ends of a pessimist and optimist. Even while I was carrying Miranda, I had all sorts of fears. That's why I have always maintained that I prefer to be cradling the baby in my arms than carrying it in my belly.

Lately, I have been counting kicks and I get really paranoid about whether I have felt enough during the day. The ice-crunching, obviously helps. She writhes around there like nobody's business but while it is uncomfortable, it is also reassuring.

Just please, God. Let me have this baby, let it get out healthy and happy.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cooking for the family

Lately, I have been a bit more organised in terms of home-related stuff. It hasn't been this way since Miranda arrived, mostly because I'm so time-poor and more than that, I'm always so exhausted!

Before Miranda came along, I used to cook 5 meals for the whole week during one day of the weekend so all Dwayne and I had to do during those exhausting work week days was to heat it up and watch TV or do our own thing. Now that I think about it, we could have done so much more. It never fails to impress on me how little I used to do before I had a kid. Or how much more sleep I used to have.

Now, every fortnight we go to the wet market and I plan a lot of meals in advance. I will scour the net for recipes during the week and when I get home from the market, I will slice up, clean, peel, marinate and then put them in Ziploc bags for cooking during the week. I also roast the chicken carcasses/ boil pork bones so we have homemade stock as much as possible. Last week, I decided I also wanted to try making homemade barley water and red bean soup. Pretty sure this is all winter's doing (when summer comes, there'll be more time to play!!!). I should really only have fresh food now anyway and regardless of my pregnancy, I also want Miranda to have it as much as possible. I usually cook especially for her in the mornings. She's into pasta and noodles mostly so it's simple, really. 

Since Dwayne loves Chinese cuisine and Singaporean hawker fare the most (well, so do I for the most part), I have been reading up on recipes and techniques. When my sister-in-law asked what I wanted for my birthday, I quickly said I wanted a claypot. And I've already used it twice! I just want to learn as much as I can before "confinement" days so my mother-in-law doesn't have to stay at our place for too long. I should be good after 2 weeks, seeing as how I pretty much cooked all the way when I gave birth to Miranda. My mum got tired of her own food after a while - she has a limited repertoire because she hates cooking with a passion!

Here are some things I have made recently. Note that I'm not proclaiming to be a great cook but with enough experience, you can give recipes a twist of your own sometimes. ;)

Tau Yu Bak in claypot - braised pork belly with hardboiled eggs, tofu and mushrooms.

Cheese kransky with sauerkraut. Love sauerkraut!

Seafood & vegetables in claypot.
 Bak chor mee 
Oxtail stew in another new kitchen addition - the amazing slow cooker! I have also tried pulled pork in apple cider vinegar and osso bucco. with the slow cooker. Amazing!

Shredded chicken mushroom noodles. Easy peasy ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Disney on Ice

I nearly gave this one a miss because when you think Disney, you think princesses and all that. Luckily, I watched the trailer and saw that Miranda's favourite Mickey and Minnie were going to be there. She adores them and I cannot tell you how much she has learned by watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Talia, her cousin, was going as well but more for the princesses. I cannot believe how many girls dressed up as princesses on the day. As much as I'm thankful we are not in that stage yet, I still don't have the all clear till maybe she turns 6? You think it will be safe then?

Miranda generally enjoyed the show but got a little bored during the princess segments and Alice in Wonderland was weird for her too. It's really our fault - we haven't exposed her to these movies. So far, the only really "princessy" movie she has watched (in parts) is The Little Mermaid and only because that was my one and only favourite Disney princess. I mean, can you blame me? That fiery, red hair all lush in the sea??! Haha. 

But it was a good thing cos' she recognised Under the Sea. Talia and Miranda were the only ones to get out of their seats to dance. Such a cute sight and everyone was looking at them doing their thing and giggling while at it.

Definitely going to be less slack and get better seats next year!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bump Talk

Week 30

Favourite food: Nothing in particular, though the ice madness is not going away. May be getting worse ever since I made friends with the hospital clerk and I've been going to her with a jug everyday for my fix.

Weight gain: 7.5kg

Annoying symptoms: Sleep deprivation. 

Oh, the tossing and turning...and Miranda constantly saying, "Mommy, can you please cuddle me?" Normally these are the sweet words I love to hear every night. These days, not as welcome. The moment I get settled into a position, she will ask me to turn around and put my arm around her. Awww, I do love the way she asks (sooo sweetly and politely) but it's so hard when it breaks what little sleep I can get.

Speaking of which, she has been refusing to sleep in her room these days. "Refuse" may be too strong a word. She will claim that she is not feeling very well and has to sleep with us. It's been this way for 2 weeks now. I know we should really say no but even Dwayne has been giving in easily on this one. 

We both know it's our last few weeks alone with her before Baby comes along and we are milking it too.

And I REALLY need to do up their room but man, just the thought of it now tires me. We have to bring the change table out, put in the baby armoire, FIND SPACE for both their clothing, move Miranda's toys and books... We need to get another car seat and fix the wheels and brake on the stroller...

I feel SO slack this time around.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The World Cup

It's been crazy, the past few weeks. Every four years, I become a soccer fan all over again - waking up at ungodly hours and catching 2 matches at a time etc. I don't have any interest in other soccer leagues or competitions but the World Cup always draws me. 

It could be because of my mother but I have always been a Brazil fan. Of course, over the years, the players obviously change and the strength of the squad along with it but it doesn't stop me from supporting the same team. So even though the Brazilian team has lost their star, Neymar Jr., due to an injury and they were not a really strong team to begin with this World Cup, I'm still backing them. 

They're meeting Germany next and this year, having caught all the Germany games, I have total respect for them so these Brazilian dudes...they need all the luck they can get! 

So Beautiful

Who would have thought the humble jumper and a maxi skirt could make for such an elegantly paired combo? Of course, this is Oscar de la Renta but... so much love!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


When I was watching this clip, the reactions of the first few people really surprised me.


Once, I ran with two guy friends and one of them said, "You run like a girl." To which I just replied, "I AM a girl." 

And I chose not to play along with the tease and get offended. I was giving it all I got and it didn't matter to me how I was running.... just that I WAS running and I was out there.

At 15, I was the only girl at a school camp who rock-climbed all the way to the top. It shocked my P.E. teacher, who kept asking me to join the national rock-climbing competition. He even got other teachers involved in persuading me. For stupid reasons (no other friend was going) I turned them down. But I remember very clearly what he said later, "You're really good. You beat the guys."

A huge boost to the teenage ego. :)

If you ask me, we do a whole lot more than boys and I will make sure Miranda knows this, so there.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bump Talk

Week 29

Favourite food: Doughnuts (wish I could go back to wanting good, healthy food)

Weight gain: 7.5kg

Annoying symptoms: Backaches.

The backaches have been extremely painful. I don't remember it being this bad with Miranda. But at least none of my ribs have cracked, like they did with her. Sometimes I can feel Baby's entire length from one end to the other so I "think" this baby is going to be long too. It doesn't make a difference though - Miranda was pretty long, given she came 3 weeks early but she's still quite a shorty. Haha. Dwayne and I were shorties too, though (till we hit puberty and we are now of an average height).

A lot of people have been commenting that I look bigger than when I was carrying Miranda. It's not true but whatever floats their boats. With Miranda, I had already gained A LOT of weight by the time I was 23 weeks. But it is true that from Week 25 to Week 27, my belly has doubled and I still have so much more growing to do. Yikes.