Sunday, May 31, 2015


My little cupcake who is now saying "Dadda Daddi" grrrr!

All of us Converse buddies hah!

Alexa and Sofia

Brunch at Kettle Black

Then off to Lily Marie's 2nd Birthday party!

You can always find her where the chicken wings are!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Before she came along, I was so worried that I could never love her the same way I love Miranda. Everyone told me that a mother's heart would just expand and expand it has!

I just can't imagine life without this cheeky little baby now. She definitely lives up to her name and holds her own against her bossy (but super loving) older sister. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Miranda was going to kinder today and when Dwayne dropped me off at the train station, she said, 

"I'm going to really miss you, Mommy."

(Miranda at 3y8m old)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wedding Day

My younger brother of 3 years, who is my first best friend in the whole entire world, got married on 16 May and that was the whole reason we were back in Singapore. He felt very satisfied that he got me back earlier than planned! The wedding was beautiful - Bernice did most of the work - and I love how everything panned out that day. It was so, super fun! Hardly a single glitch. Kudos to these guys!

Toasting at my parents' home

Tea Ceremony at Bernice's

Reunited with my baby sister, who was a bridesmaid for Bernice.

Since Bernice is Chinese, we had the traditional tea ceremony where the young serves tea to their elders in exchange for a red packet.

My grandmother with her great-grandchildren.

Serving each other tang yuan.

Was kinda bummed that they didn't have to kneel in front of us haha!

Miranda serving tea to them.

After the wedding mass. They got married in the same church we did. :)

Siblings :)

Nadia, my previous work-must-have. I've missed her like crazy!

With my maternal aunt. Apparently everyone on my dad's side think we look alike.

I don't see it, do you?

With my two maternal uncles. One was missing, sadly!

Already missing Singapore so badly. There are always more people we wish to catch up with but never have the time. I hope they don't think too badly of us. ;/

SG in Pictures Part 4

We had fresh fruit and juices nearly every day! So readily available and so cheap too. Miranda was stoked that she could have cut strawberries on a stick.

Miranda and Alexa with my favourite aunt.

Dwayne and buddy

Ber meets Alexa Cherie for the first time.

Aunty Berlyn gave the girls these soft toys, which are supposedly really popular there.

All of us with the hostest with the mostest, Aly. Too bad Tim was asleep!

The second pic is of a really unglam me but it's so funny, I had to post for the sake of it.

Monday, May 25, 2015

SG in Pictures Part 3

It was my sister in law's Hens Party that day so we had to send this little one to my mum while Dwayne caught up with another friend. 

But this one came along with us!

And was super pampered by the ladies.

Getting her nails did.

The hen.

At Henri Charpentier - gorgeous place with lovely desserts too!

We then proceeded to House, which was just next door to have 3 types of fries!

Nothing like old friends who always make the effort to meet at the drop of a hat. Like literally, less than half a day's notice. SO appreciated.