Thursday, July 30, 2015

Princess and Pink and all that...

I don't remember exactly when it was that Miranda fell head over heels in love with princesses. Maybe watching Disney on Ice last year? Or maybe when our friend gifted her a princess costume for her birthday. I was resistant at first. I told her pink alone, all the time, was extremely boring. I bought all the neutral colored wooden toys (save for the dollhouse and kitchen) and puzzles with other sorts of themes besides princesses and fairies.


Oh well. I guess it was bound to happen. 

So I caved in one day - She was screaming bloody murder when I was washing her hair. She hates having her hair washed for some reason. I told her she could have a princess party for her birthday if she stops crying every time I wash her hair. 

And that was how it was done. 

No more crying on her part and onward to planning on my part.

Google or go onto Pinterest to check out princess parties. Oh. My. Goodness. It's insane! I'm obviously only trying to do the "doable" stuff. Maybe throw in a little something special. A princess party is only done once in your childhood (I hope!) and I might as well make it a memorable one for her.


We started with the dress, bought from Tutu Du Monde as well.

I think her favourite princess is Belle from Beauty & The Beast. She won't commit though - she sometimes says it's Cinderella. Hmmm..

Up to me to try and replicate this. (Image: Pinterest)

Crossing fingers that everything will go to plan! After all, we will be celebrating 2 birthdays that day!
Day 13/30

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is very commonly the first song we sing to our kids. It's always popular with them - they say "ta" and try to open and close their hands when we sing to them. Alexa loves it when I switch off the lights in my room and just put on the phone torch to create star shadows opening and closing on the ceiling.

When I first saw this outfit on Tutu Du Monde (on sale too!), I knew I had found the right theme! 

It's so pretty!

A little inspiration for the party. (Image: Pinterest)

I don't know how I will go with the color theme though - wondering whether I should stick to the gold and white here or with the blue and silver like the outfit. My preference is the gold because I can use whatever props from the party in their room later on. But we will see.

Day 11 & 12/30

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wish List

Every year I make this list on the request of one person but it makes me happy to do it because I have my eye on these things so I can buy them for Christmas if we don't get any of them. :)

Wish List

For Miranda:

Country Road bow dress - I haven't bought a dress for her in quite a while. I think at some point, I got the idea that separates have a lot more mileage for young kids! So whenever we have an event to go for, I struggle to dress her in an appropriate outfit.

Janod World Map puzzle - It's a 90pc - less than what she is doing these days - but it will be a nice way to learn about the countries in the world. I have this wish that my girls will always want to travel.

Janod magnetic book alphabet - For learning to spell all the words she's learning.

Country Road overnight bag for sleepovers - The other day we stayed over at my SIL's and she was upset that all our clothes were packed in the same bag. She said she wanted a bag, "of the right size", just for herself.

For Alexa:

Meadow Kids bath time floating activity set - Unlike her older sister, Alexa will just not sit in the bath tub when we try to bathe her. She is always standing at the edge. You should know how dangerous this is so we try to get it over and done with. When, really, I just want her to enjoy being in the water.

Hape Little Red Rider - We have a BMW car gifted to us for Miranda's first birthday but it's not really stable till they are much older. This one seems secure and you can push or ride in it. But I think it's something that won't be used for too long so it will just remain on the wish list.

Country Road glitter pre-walker - For when she starts walking. :)

Country Road bib ruffle jumpsuit - This looks so pretty, I just couldn't resist!

Monday, July 27, 2015


There's a new Rapunzel in town! 

Alexa has been taking the toy wooden frypan with her wherever she goes. 
Reminds me so much of those scenes in Tangled.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Birthday & A Baby Shower

We had such a busy weekend filled with lots of food and cake! Especially cake... oh my goodness -- soooo much cake! And I had been good all week too. 

A few of you guys have asked what that countdown is all about - I'm attempting to do 30 days of the 30 day shred and eat clean. I know it's just not possible to do all 30 days consecutively so I am "cutting myself a bit of slack". If you're a nursing, working momma like me, you'll know that the best laid plans come to nought sometimes.

If I get up early around 5.30am, a hungry, crying baby might call for me mid-workout. When I get home after work, I'm usually in the kitchen still with my work clothes on, cooking dinner for the family and preparing Alexa's meals for the next day. SO, if I do it after dinner and the kids' bed time, I'd be starving by then! 

To be honest, I nearly lost the taste for sugar by Thursday after resisting sweets all week. But who says no to birthday cake? Or nutella frosted cupcakes?! Not I.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our weekend.

Cherie Girls - Birthday Party Ready

Gorgeous set-up - can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the cake!

I always find that the big ones imitate and follow the little ones. :/

Her father "told her off" for being boy-crazy hahaha.

She actually took the pacifier off him because she has no idea what it is!

Alexa totally going for Myla's hair! See that cheeky look she's got.

Princess Eliana!

We stayed over at my SIL's after the party since we were all going to the same baby shower the next day. These are their just-before-bedtime and just-woke-up faces!

The momma-to-be and another gorgeous, blue set-up

As with every year, I get in major birthday planning frenzy right after E's birthday - because all it means is ONE MONTH to the September babies' birthdays!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Cherie Girls Birthday Presents

Cherie Girls Birthday Presents

To no one's surprise, this momma has been thinking of gifts since a few months ago. 

Alexa: Janie & Jack swimsuit, Playon crayons in pastel and primary colors, Seed Heritage sparkly shoes, HaPe zebra pull-a-long toy, Snuggle Puppy & Birthday Monsters - books by Sandra Boynton

Miranda: The Heart & The Bottle by Oliver Jeffers, Thinkfun Rush Hour Jr brainteaser puzzle, Lyra colored pencils, Janie & Jack swimsuit
Day 7 & 8/30

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Second weekend of July

I had THE best weekend.

This is going to read like an itinerary but here goes anyway:


Since Miranda didn't have ballet thanks to school holidays, we got to Footscray market early for our fortnightly grocery shopping. Convinced Dwayne to go to Chapel St after - he hates driving anywhere unnecessary for anything (unlike me - I'd go anywhere for good food!). We went to our old haunt, Kanpai, a Japanese restaurant first and then to Burch & Purchese for some tubes (Miranda had a chocolate lollipop) and then to Luxbite for some much-needed hot chocolate. 

Apparently it was the coldest day of the year? No wonder. The kids were such troopers. It's funny though- They have both got a little cold and for two weekends now, we contemplated staying home instead of going with what had been planned. At the last minute, we'd always decide to take them out and it always works in their favor. They always look and feel better after going out. 

Anyway, we got home and I actually was not completely spent - even had enough time to make pork, fish and chicken stock for the whole week. Alexa has dermatitis and for a while, we thought the preservatives in the jar baby food we were giving her when we go out was the cause of it. I didn't want to take any chances so everything will be made from scratch all the time until it subsides. To be honest, Miranda never had any jars of baby food at all. Guess I got a little too complacent and lazy! :(


We managed to go for the earlier mass so we had all day after. I made:

1. Carrot & Fennel soup
2. Pear, Brie & Proscuitto tart

That was for lunch.

3. Slow-cooked lamb shanks for dinner 
4. Broth for the ramen we are having tonight!
5. Soy sauce eggs for the ramen
6. Crispy pork cracking, also for the ramen

Dwayne did his chores, I did mine. We had kaya toast for tea. We Face-Timed with my family. AND Dwayne and I managed to watch 2 episodes of 24 (Season 9).

It was simple and it was amazing. 

Life is good.
Day 1/30.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Thug life.

Disney on Ice.

Got lucky being at the right place at the right time and took a picture with Queen Elsa!

I think these 3 will be best friends forever.

After dinner at Din Tai Fung (which was as good as we remembered), we took a tram back to our car and started taking photos in it. I don't think these kiddos had ever been in the tram with Daddy!

My Cherie Girls


Lights of my life.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Went out to the newly renovated plaza last Friday with my girlfriend and her kiddo.