Monday, October 26, 2015

A little baking tutorial from Baker Miranda

My little darling had been bugging me to bake with her for a while now. Since we didn't have anything better to do last Friday, we managed to bake some brownies and in the meantime, also record a little tutorial. She's such a natural! I have watched this video dozens of times now. 


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Bookshelf

My bookshelves now house more than just my books. Miranda has 4 shelves especially for her - her books, games and puzzles and Alexa has 2 shelves of her own. So it's just timely that I was gifted the Kindle by the BFF!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning


Went to research on why my Japanese maple leaf tree is not turning red right after this shot.

The past few weekends have been all about cleaning out clutter and excess. I attacked the kids' cupboards first, then the pantry, the fridge, shoe shelves, the linen cupboard, bookshelves, the "storage" stuff outside like the boxes on Miranda's easel and the bench unit. This week I'm planning to do the big one - I'm going to clear out my wardrobe (again). 

The kids have really been enjoying the weather - in the backyard, in the cubby house, going out to the city etc.

Ah, I don't want spring/ simmer to end!

Monday, October 19, 2015


Going to the city on Fridays with my girls is fun. 

Going to the city on Fridays with all the girls is way more fun! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stacking Like A Boss

I didn't really pay much attention to this stacking toy for the longest time. The other day, I saw Alexa shaking the smallest ring so I decided to guide her with stacking the rings instead. Three or four tries in and she got it all on her own! Woohoo! Go Lexie! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The past few nights have been quite trying. 

Miranda has been crawling onto our bed and Alexa has been restless and comfort feeding every half an hour. Miranda also wants only me to cuddle her as does Alexa and DUDE, 3am is not the best time for negotiations. 

So I find myself lying in between both of them. I've got my right boob yanked on Alexa's side with her little arm over my belly so I won't "leave" her and Miranda on my left, needing me to be close and wanting to be patted to sleep. I am Mommy, hear me roar?

I could feel helpless and exasperated but I know this is ending soon. I really do long for sleep though, but you know what, we'll get there. We'll all get there.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Truck Stop Deluxe

We are huge fans of burgers and milkshakes. In fact, every time we do our marketing at Footscray, we contemplate going to 8Bit for our fix. So this new burger joint that just opened near our place is SO WELCOME but SO DANGEROUS!!!

We went there post-"swim" on Grand Final day and well, two thumbs up from me for everything I tried except the Kinder Surprise milkshake I had. Next time, I might try it spiked with alcohol instead. :)

Kelly and I had a Kinder Surprise each, Dwayne had a Salted Caramel with maple bacon and Paul had a wagon wheel. Miranda had a raspberry milkshake and Eliana had a chocolate one.

E had a kids' burger and M had chicken nuggets.

Onion rings and chilli cheese fries in the background.

And in the foreground, the Colonel Burger - buttermilk fried chicken with mayo and coleslaw in a brioche bun. Yums!

Dwayne's Francis Underwood (House of Cards fan!) which was a beef patty and a mac n cheese croquette in a brioche bun. Twice the size of mine! He couldn't even finish it and didn't really enjoy because he said there was too much in the croquette and it was super rich and filling. I suspect I might like it still.

Ice-cream sandwiched in a donut. Need I say more?

I suspect we'll be going there again. ;p

Hawks Vs Eagles

The first year I was here during Grand Final, we were about to move into our previous place and needed to get a TV. Dwayne was rather desperate about it because how else could he catch all his premier league matches?

The city was a ghost town, hardly anyone there. The shops were open though. Si we ventured into all the department stores and electrical appliances shops. All the TV screens, at every shop, was showing one thing only - the grand final. I can't remember who was playing but I remember thinking, "Whoa. This. Is. Huge." It's their national sport, really. 

Over the years, Dwayne has gotten into the sport and even started supporting a team (The Hawks. Coincidence?!) but unfortunately, I really can't get into it.

So I called his family over for a dip in the inflatable pool Darren gifted Dwayne for his birthday. Two families could fit into it. And it was a really nice way to just cool down on an otherwise sweltering day. Not complaining about the weather though. I swear I am loving this heat wave after all the chilly, wintery months!

Alexa is no longer content sitting on the sidelines. 
She has joined the big girls' club and intends to stay in it!

Love Miranda's crossed legs here haha.

Can't wait for more days like these!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Eve of AFL Grand Finals!

So nice to have this new public holiday. Doesn't matter that I can't care less about footy - it's just nice to have a holiday haha!

I went for a run early in the morning and then chores took over for both of us throughout the day. The kids had a nap and then we joined some friends for a barbeque. :)

You'll find Miranda wherever there's chicken!

Lexie went to our friend's mum very easily - food wins this girl over!

Can't believe she's walking already. Miranda is so thrilled for her too!