Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cherie Girls update

I feel really guilty that I didn't document all of this sooner. I suppose no matter how I tried, I just couldn't keep up with being at home with the kids and maintaining this blog. 

Alexa has been the sweetest little baby, just super chill. She was sleeping so well from 7 weeks to 3 months - 7pm - 7am most nights. It especially helped when my siblings were here in December because we would stay up till 3-4am most nights talking and playing games. 

Miranda is just so great with Alexa. I thought she would completely ignore Alexa but she seems to think that Alexa is "the cutiest pie in the whole wide world" and that no other baby comes close. In all honesty, she still ignores every other baby. No matter how we try to engage her with another little one, she would get bored and run off to do her own thing. I suppose she just knows that Alexa and her are tied by blood and I do hope they will be best friends for life just like my siblings and I are.

I have heard stories of how the older one bullies the younger one with hair pulling, eye poking etc. It hasn't happened *yet* (fingers crossed). In fact, she has been so gentle! For example, she used to gag every time Alexa spat up (she's got reflux, poor girl) but then got used to it to the point where she would use the burp cloth to gently wipe the vomit away from Alexa's mouth. 

Alexa turned 6 months last week and is now on solids - she's tried avocado, bananas and pears. Planning to let her try mango tomorrow and carrots on Friday. The maternal health nurse told me that it's all changed now - they encourage parents to feed babies meat first these days but I thought, I'm just going to do whatever I did with Miranda because she was such a champion eater till she turned 2.5. Since then, greens have been the enemy. I'm not even sure why. These days, I ask her to close her eyes when she's having greens, which she does haha.

Miranda started attending pre-kinder about a month ago. Let's just say that all is not that good, yet. Apparently, it's all fine when she has her favourite teacher and friends there but loses it as soon as they go away (teacher leaves or the other kids get picked up). She's also been said to have leadership qualities. One teacher said she gathered the kids in her class, sat them down and began with "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, presenting...Miranda, singing ______." And then proceeds to belt out a song. We are used to her doing this for guests at home but never thought she could actually round the troops and get them to listen to her. It's just too funny! Her teachers also asked if we send her for singing lessons since she pretty much knows all the lyrics to most of the songs in her repertoire. She's also doing very well at ballet, which she loves. But I can tell that she doesn't love it to the point that she aspires to be a ballerina, like some girls do.

Oh well, so much to update and no time! I hope updates are going to be more regular from hereon!


Hair cut

150 pieces!

(With a bit of hekp, though.)

In the clouds

I was super organised with the gifts last year.
Everything for the kids was under the tree before December!

Christmas clothes

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Ooey-gooey mess



Ballet trial.

Alexa turns 1 month old and we all went out to celebrate!

Mommy-Daughter matching shoes!

Snug as a bug!

Matching red cardigans.


Corn & chicken. Could there be anything better?!

Beach bub.

Fell in love with rum n' raisin ice-cream last summer.

Off to the playground.

Busy arranging things.

First french braid.