Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lexie Lovin'

You're growing up too fast, baby.

Miranda at 3y9m

The most loving, doting older sister. She is obsessed with Alexa and cannot stand to be apart from her for too long. She tries to include her in everything she does. Of course, she has her moments where she snatches things off Alexa or disturbs her when she's sleeping. But all in all, what a treat it is to watch them grow together with so much love for each other.

She loves ballet and at the moment, she wants to be a dancer when she grows up. 

She's not really into her "cooking" at the moment, preferring to play with her dolls and dress them up. Her favourite of all her soft toys is Abby and she references Abby in most everything we do and everywhere we go. For example, Abby has a place in Ann Siang Hill in Singapore and she also works in an office in Melbourne's CBD. Abby has a little sister who always annoys Alexa and Miranda always has to take it upon herself to scold her. 

She can add numbers, amounting to more than 10 now and is currently learning her 2 times table. She can write and spell her name and is learning to read her books so she "can read to Alexa". If not, she does a damn good job of memorising the lines. She also loves doing her "homework" book. We got some assessment books from my aunt in Singapore. It's all very competitive in Singapore. Kids start really young so I didn't really encourage it much at first. Miranda loves it though so it's all good!!

She loves to sing. Just like Daddy, she is so good at remembering lyrics. And lately, she wants to learn poems too.

Her most favorite thing to do with me is  experimenting (Science) and art and crafts. We recently did the celery experiment and she was completely in awe of how the celery leaves changed in color overnight.

She also loves going out to the city like me! She often asks me what we are doing on Fridays (when I'm off) and gets really excited when we prepare to go out. 

You're growing up too fast, kid.

Swan Lake

I wasn't sent for ballet classes as a kid. I don't remember really wanting to learn either. I guess I was having fun playing outside with my neighbours and none of them were into it anyway. 

Miranda was slightly younger than 3 when she developed an interest in dancing. I had thought of enrolling her but a friend told me that it would be more advisable to send her for lessons when she was 4 and her attention span was better. Well, we enrolled her anyway. The first thing her teacher said to us after class was that she was extremely focused. Good thing we went with our gut feelings.

Since the St Petersburg ballet theatre were in Melbourne, I thought I'd take Miranda to watch the acclaimed Swan Lake. I checked the prices of the tickets and they were much too costly. Especially considering she might fall asleep? I didn't want to take the chance. Luckily a deal came in at the last minute and we managed to get seats at a reasonable price. Even Dwayne came along - I  think he didn't want to miss the reaction on her face!

She really enjoyed herself and so did I - It was all rather magical. The Prima Ballerina especially, Irina Kolesnikova, was quite simply, breathtaking. I was telling Miranda the story as we went along and after the show, she was telling it to Dwayne as well. It was definitely a treat for her. :)

Ready to go home to her little sister, whom she missed so much during the whole time out. She kept asking about her and it was super endearing!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Thanks to my super awesome husband who always organizes wonderful dinner parties on my birthday with our lovely family and friends :)

p/s - Alexa's first time celebrating my birthday so she had to make her presence felt in the pictures haha!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Alexa @ 9 Months

This little baby just keeps amazing me. She is such a trooper, always happy and grinning. It's so infectious!

She keeps hitting all her milestones early, which I find a little surprising, seeing as I don't spend nearly as much time with her as I did with Miranda. But of course, if you think about it, the big sister is the one contributing to her little "achievements".

She has one tooth at the bottom and I think she might be cutting a few more very soon. Miranda's only came in at 12 months so again, something new for us.

We always thought Miranda to be super bossy and when Alexa was younger, we thought she'd be the placid, younger child. No can do. Lexie can put up a really good defence. And she's smart too - she'll cry as soon as she feels like she doesn't want to play any more. Miranda has a lot of time for her and constantly smothers her so she knows to kick up a fuss and find her way out.

She eats so well! Everything that I have prepared, all the jars of food that we buy for when we go out, she never says no to. But like her big sister, she doesn't like formula. She waits until I get home from work before attacking the boobs.

Lexie loves being read to as well, often laughing with every sound and intonation of quite a few words.

She's been climbing, crawling and lately cruising with her little walker. I do hope she doesn't start walking too soon, That can honestly wait a few more months.

At the moment, her latest ticks are shaking her head "no", waving "hi" and "bye" and dancing. She'll shake her bum if she's standing and she'll lift her bum up and down when she's in a seated position, Japanese style. She can also clap her hands while she's at it! Too cute!

Many have asked if I'm going to try for a boy. But really, what are the odds of having a boy after having two girls? Most people I know just don't. And really, I'm pretty happy with my two little ladies. Can't wait to bring them on overseas shopping trips, just us girls!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More from My Brother's Wedding

Miranda's yam seng game was damn strong! She took her Frozen water bottle everywhere with her!

This is us on the dance floor. Always.

I can't get enough pictures of my brother's wedding! I miss all of them terribly (not so much the unrelenting heat in Singapore though) and wish so much that we could all always be together.