Monday, August 31, 2015


You know, I've had this Marc by Marc Jacobs baby bag for 4 years now. I do still love it, for its many compartments, lightweight fabric and waterproof cover!

It's served me really well and everything is still in really good condition, except for the zip that's gone but which just lets me chuck even more stuff in there.  I even got a couple of compliments on it in HK recently! Seriously, it's so "malleable"! Unfortunately, that is also its down side - since it can hold so much, I tend to overload it and this is causing some serious posture problems. I feel like I am forever standing lopsided.

When we went to Disneyland, Dwayne and I decided to use his Deuter bag instead. I mean, how good is the Deuter too, right? We could both take turns carrying it (and for once he didn't fuss carrying the baby bag because he won't ever carry the MJ on his arm) and it definitely made me feel balanced, posture-wise.

SO... I want to get a backpack for a baby bag too! Now that Alexa doesn't need as many diaper and outfit changes when we go out, I feel like I can afford to downsize a little (Lord, please don't play a cruel joke on me once I've made my decision!!!). I still bring an outfit change for Miranda too, wipes, scented diaper baggies, sanitizer, burp cloths (not used for burping anymore but for runny noses and what have you), and always plenty of snacks. 

I am wondering if I'm really ready for this change so I rounded up some backpacks I found on Shopbop and ASOS. I don't really know what style I want to go for (the MJ seemed to go with everything!) - I even went onto ASOS men, because their bags seemed roomier. I already know that white one on the bottom right is not gonna make the cut. Too pretty and delicate looking. We are talking tough wear and tear after all! But I just had to put it there. 



HK - Days 1, 2 & 3

Nicolays in Hong Kong from nicolayinc on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hong Kong

Hong Kong was so good!

We were majorly spoiled from the get go by my best friend (and her husband). Before the trip, I had researched all these famous cha chan tengs and stuff we wanted to do there. They made sure we tried everything on my list and more. 

The skyline against the harbour is just stunning and we were really lucky to get treated to such SICK views - especially from their apartment and JC's office building at the ICC, tallest in Hong Kong.

We ate the best food all around and the yummiest desserts!

Miranda asked for macarons nearly every day! I know there's a toss between macaron lovers on which is better - Laduree or Pierre Herme? I'm gonna have to remain neutral on that because they both have their plus points. I have to agree with my twinnie, Sara, that the olive oil and vanilla macaron is so, so good!! I also loved the vanilla, violet and blackcurrant. The orange blossom at Laduree was mild but also really yum! Salted caramel ones at both places disappointed even though they were best sellers at both stores. Ok, so look at me going on about macarons?!

Managed to try Angelina's. They opened in Singapore just after we left and I thought it was such a shame but now that I've tried the hot chocolate, you know, I can't say I'm impressed. It was much too rich for my liking. Maybe they do a better cuppa in Paris?

And alllll the cha chan tengs - the beef brisket noodles at Kee, the roast goose at Yat Lok, scrambled eggs on toast at Australia Dairy Co., wanton noodles at Mak's and Mei Wan. All so good. The melt in the mouth pork belly at Crystal Jade and the ramen at Ichiran. Dwayne and I tried smelly tofu and grilled octopus. Smelly tofu wasn't smelly at all and the octopus was so good!

Must admit that after all that food, though, towards the end of the trip, I kinda craved a simple sandwich. Which is what I've been having ever since we got home on Friday afternoon. And it's been good. Avocado on toast with a sprinkling of piri-piri ftw every day!

Apart from the food, the people were rude, which was expected. But they were nice to us when they saw the kids in tow. Alexa, especially, had the local people just going crazy for her. People would sneakily take pictures of her from behind us. Or come up to us with their whole family asking to take a picture of all of us. A salesgirl followed me around the whole shop just so she could ask if she could touch Alexa's skin. In Disneyland, there were mothers who asked their sons to stand close so they could take a picture of their sons with her. Imagine the sons' reactions hahaha! One lady told us that she was leaving for home in Beijing that day she saw Alexa but it was fate that she should meet her first. 

The first few days, QY and I were a little unnerved at their behaviour but it soon became apparent that she was like some live doll with those huge eyes of hers. It was so weird but quite amusing too, I guess?

Disneyland Hotel was everything you could ask for. To be honest, for the price you pay, you'd really expect it to be. Dwayne and I both felt that it'd be the most expensive hotel stay for us in our life. Ok, maybe we have some time to go still... But they had a decent swimming pool, jacuzzi, storybook place with a playtime and art and crafts area, decent restaurants and Miranda's favourite - the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Another overpriced gimmick where they transform you into a princess, complete with a makeover and a photoshoot. Miranda and her cousin Talia both felt tired halfway through all that posing and smiling. They had a great time nonetheless and were so stoked that they both scored nail polish and an eye shadow and lip gloss palette (which was promptly hidden for the rest of the trip).

Disneyland itself was super fun but also quite stressful and hot, hot, hot!! We managed to take a decent number of rides given the children's fatigue and the waiting times. The best part had to be that we got tickets for the seasonal show, which was Frozen-themed! A thrill for Miranda and surprisingly, Alexa really enjoyed that too. The kids, in general, were total troopers. The fireworks were amazing. At the end of the day, just having the sky light up really made such a difference and totally lifted our spirits from what was a really exhausting day. I'm just so glad we waited it out till the very end.

My best friend and I also went out one night while the darling husband looked after the kiddos. I had told her I wanted to check out Ozone Bar on the 108th floor of Ritz Carlton in the ICC. I had a rose bubble martini and QY had a HK rooftop. Both were fantastic.

Hong Kong, as much as I loved it, would have been nothing without the company. And the company, in a person with the same wavelengths and all, is what I will truly miss.

P/s - I will be posting a few videos of our trip instead of photos since it was so much easier with the kids. Watch out for them! :)

P/s/s - Yes, I'm back on the 30.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Fatigue Is Real!

Last night, I crashed on the couch for about half an hour after dinner and washing up. I only meant to take a breather but I was pretty much running on empty yesterday so I guess Dwayne wasn't surprised when I finally conked out by 9.30pm while nursing Alexa on our bed. I don't think I'd been that tired since the "newborn weeks". 

Woke up at 5 this morning and felt so good! 

Absolutely can't wait for our holiday now :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 20/30
In my line of work, we can go from using the present tense to the past tense quite quickly in some cases. It's scary how fast we switch and it can be a little desensitizing. 

I wonder every day if I will be around for the kids' school-going years, for the awkward adolescent age, for their weddings etc. 

I wonder if I will grow old with Dwayne, the way we plan to. 

I wonder a lot because so many who seem to be leading perfectly healthy, normal lives are just taken randomly. By accidents, by fatal diseases. Some lose their physical strength, some, their lucidity and some are told, with no mistake, they will only have a year or so. 

Thankfully, health is what my family and I still have. And with that, happiness.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I've just been watching and re-watching this since yesterday morning. Love Luke Bryan!

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Day In The Life..

Love is when your little sister annoys you when you are asleep / and you still think she's the cutest little patootie pie. ‪#‎cheriegirls

Day 18 & 19/30

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

See Inside

See Inside

The other night, just before bed time, I told Miranda that she is the heart of my heart and blood of my blood (a line from Paul Auster. Also see bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh from Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre). 

We got to talking about what the heart and blood do, and then what flesh and bone are. She was so intrigued and so naturally, I went to look for a book on the anatomy that would be easy for kids to grasp. I thought it would be a pretty good idea to give her a sort of headstart. - you know, just in case she wants to do medicine in the future. Hah.

I found this whole range of books called See Inside and I think it's simply genius! They are all hardcover but with lift-the-flap type of pages. I bought her the first one, See Inside Your Body, but I just can't wait to collect them all and sit down to learn with her. :)

Monday, August 3, 2015


Oh my goodness. Just saw this Janod reversible world map puzzle and its even better than the other one I posted. SO MUCH LOVE!

We're Going To Disneyland!

Last year I was thinking how nice it would be if we could go to Disneyland but I didn't think it was feasible since Miranda was not even 3 at the time and wouldn't be able to fully take in the whole experience if we went. And to go all the way to the U.S. and not take all the rides would be a real shame! 

A few months later, one of my friends on Facebook posted some pictures of Disneyland Hong Kong and I was sold! Of course! You get the whole experience of Disney without going all the way to the States - perfect.

We initially wanted to wait till next year to take Miranda since we just went to Singapore a few months ago (Alexa will also be older then) but Dwayne's sister jumped the gun and is going this year with Talia (Miranda's favourite cousin and best friend) so we decided, on a whim really, to go this year as well. Doesn't hurt that my best friend lives in HK and I would finally get to see her after more than 2 years! The woes of growing up and living in different countries, I tell you!

These are the things I'm most looking forward to:

Natalie, my SIL, has booked a princess makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for the two girls.

Mad Hatter tea cups. I know it's silly but this is the thing I always see when I watch movies.

Just looks so cool! I hope they allow Alexa in though!

Dining with the characters. The girls will be stoked!

Can't wait to experience the magic of Disney! 
Day 16/30