Monday, November 30, 2015



You know, I really wonder whether all mothers of 2 kids of the same gender feel this way - SO tough trying to be fair to the second kid, toys-wise! It seems like we have already bought everything a little girl Alexa's age could want. 

It is completely the opposite for Miranda - there are just so many things to get for that girl. To be honest, I wanted to include quite a few other things but with the lack of options for Alexa, I decided to stream down the list for Miranda too. Alexa is at an age where she's still a baby but not quite. And I'm not a fan of delayed gratification for Christmas gifts. No point getting something they can't use immediately if it's a gift (unless it's clothes/ shoes - but even then!).

Miranda's gifts

Two books - Miranda has been asking about space recently, which makes me quite happy! Anything that can veer her away even slightly from the princesses is a welcomed break. However, to be honest, I don't know much about space myself, besides the planets and stuff so I'm actually looking forward to reading See Inside Space with her.

I think she would be able to handle Matilda, seeing as she loved The Giraffe, The Pelly & Me so much.

She's asked for a Minnie Mouse water bottle for ages and since Alexa keeps stealing whichever bottle she's using, I decided to let her have one (although we have so many water bottles already, it's not even funny?!).

Miranda made a list to Santa and asked for quite a few Frozen toys. Since she had also asked for a Ken doll, whom I am personally not a fan of, we decided to get her the Anna + Kristoff dolls instead haha!

She's also getting a bicycle! She wanted the Frozen (AGAIN!) bike but I put my foot down to Dwayne, who would get the girls anything they ask, and went for a timeless vintage bike.

Alexa's gifts

Alexa loves little babies so much. She starts speaking in a high-pitched sing-song voice whenever she so much as sees a baby photo so we got her Baby Ariel. After hunting around for baby dolls, they all seemed a bit freaky-looking except for the Disney versions. And it's hardly like me to opt for the Disney version!

Two books - Beautiful Oops & something from the Little Pookie series, some beginner painting materials from Micador and a sweet little wooden pram for her baby doll. 

I hope they'll be happy, come Christmas morning! :)