Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Favourite Girls

Just realized the past few posts have all been wishlists or gift lists. Like, what is this - A list blog? =.=

The girls are growing up so quickly and I thought it's time for me to do a little update here before more time passes and I forget how they are like at this age!

Miranda is your regular four year old going on 14. She's so quick and witty and she amazes me all the time. The way she talks, I think, is typically me but I guess has Dwayne's influence too. 

There's just so much to do with her and so little time these days. Every day, we try to do something new, like a little bit of math, sight words, we read books like the See Inside series (before the usual kid lit to sustain her interest) for some science, puzzles, brainteasers, a whole of art (her favourite) and games (my favourite). I know it may seem like a bit too much but there's nothing that we force on her if she doesn't enjoy it. On top of everything, she just loves her dance lessons. After a long time of saying she wants to be a ballerina, she now frequently changes her desired occupation.  And she has also expressed her desire to join gymnastics. 

In a few weeks, Dwayne and I will be going for school open houses to see which one would be best suited for her. I have a major gripe about the schools around our area though. Most of them only offer Italian as a second language. I do wish they had a few to choose from. As it is, she has ballet on Saturday mornings and I would hate to let her take up something else during the weekend. We are both working parents and it is already so hard to find the time to spend with these two cuties. Weekends are more precious than ever!

Alexa is a little firecracker. She is so strong-willed and independent. She is the same and the oppositeof her sister in so many ways. They are both happy girls, always trying to be funny in some way. Where Miranda is a perpetual giggler, Alexa makes you sort of work for it. Miranda tends to be shy in front of strangers and especially men but Alexa will give you the biggest smile and is friendly to all, especially babies. 

She ADORES babies and she has 3 little baby dolls that she alternates bringing everywhere. She even takes one to bed and when she cries from her cot in the middle of the night for us to bring her to our room, she has her doll right under the crook of her arm, ready to go with her. She gets a tad jealous when I'm carrying someone else's baby though - she will keep coming to my legs, hugging me and putting her head in between or on them. 

She's started saying a few words and carries out instructions very well. She also loves her big sister very much, even though she bullies her like nothing on earth - constantly pulling her hair, hitting her and taking her stuff. Lucky thing is that Miranda is extremely patient with her and will only strike back very rarely (and poor thing usually gets scolded when it happens!). 

Alexa likes to copy Miranda. Whatever Miranda has, she wants. Whatever Miranda does, she will do. It's a good and bad thing but it's alright.

She is going to start daycare in a matter of weeks. For me, it is not ideal seeing as she can't talk properly yet but family logistics call for it. My father-in-law and I are trying to convince ourselves that it will be a good thing because she's a lot more sociable than Miranda and will thrive while there.

For now, I'm a wreck just thinking about it but, we'll see! Crossing fingers!