Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Gifts for Little Girls :)

Christmas Gifts

I've had the hardest time thinking up gifts for Alexa (to play fair). Miranda's seemed to have gotten all the big purchases - the kitchen, the dollhouse etc. The cubby house, while a gift for them both, was more age appropriate for only Miranda at the time as Alexa was only 3 months old then. Of course, in the end, they both play with the stuff and Miranda doesn't ever say those things belong to only her so it's not like they both know better. But. The Guilt.

This year, Miranda wrote to Santa asking for 3 things - a keyboard, a (play) make-up set and sparkly play-doh. She also still wants that Swan book even though I've told her it's for 9-10 year olds.

Alexa doesn't know how to ask for things for herself yet but we know she will love a wooden cot for her all her baby dolls as well as accessories and a carrier for them. Miranda is going to get Alexa that baby bath set "with her own money" as "Alexa will surely love that". And obviously, a book for Lexie too - we love Chris Haughton!