Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Miranda: You look kinda pretty today, Mommy.

Me: Kinda pretty? What does that even mean? Supposed to be a compliment or not?

Miranda: Well.... It means, you look like a pretty princess going to work.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Things for Momma

Things for Momma

Besides my want of a thousand books, (actually I made a pledge on Goodreads to read at least 30 this year) these are the only other things I want/ need :

Lingerie - more and more please. So happy to done with nursing - and so is The Husband, who gifted me quite a few pairs for Christmas - yay!
Lipsticks - In lots of hues, please! I used to collect eye shadow but who has time for that now? One swipe of lipstick and it makes a look. (Pictured is Charlotte Tilbury's Lost Cherry)
Body wash - I'm not really into perfume but give me good body wash any day.  It's one of those things I always change and I don't mind spending a little more for that luxurious feeling in the shower. 
Sunglasses - I'd love this pair from Quay Australia for winter. 
Cross body bag - Just a simple, black one like this Rebecca Minkoff.
Over the knee boots - Got a crap pair last year. I bought it cheaply at ASOS because I was unsure of the trend - they looked good but the friction on them was next to nothing so I've thrown them out. I swear I never learn.
There are always things I want for myself but I never quite get around to getting them any more because the kids' stuff are deemed more important. 
Which they are... but it's also good to look after me.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wish List!


Both the girls got a ton of books for Christmas. Alexa doesn't know any better but while Miranda initially was not too thrilled, we've already made way with half of the gifted books and she is definitely enjoying them. I've arranged Alexa's books on two lower shelves of the bookcase for easy access and she loves going there to bring something back for us to read to her. It's such a joy to see her settle on my lap and point to the book on hand. She also tries to imitate sounds when there is a rhyme going on. Of course, the downside (small problem) is that a lot of the books are on the floor by the time I get home because she is busy helping herself to the bigger board books on her own as well!

But you know what, we can never have too many books and I can't wait to slowly collect all the above books for them this whole year - or sooner, please! The problem is I have such a love of hardbacks now and they can be quite expensive. They are so beautiful, though, and so much better for kids, as board books are for the even littler ones!

My selection for Miranda:

Fortunately The Milk Ran Out - Can't go wrong with this Neil Gaiman!
This Is Hong Kong - This is another series that we slowly but surely need to collect. Seeing as how we've already been there, it'd be nice for her to learn more about HK.
See Inside:Under The Sea - These are without a doubt, my favourite series of books for her. We already have Space, Planet Earth, The Body and every single one teaches so much! 
The Twelve Dancing Princesses - Something for Miranda to indulge in.
Once Upon An Alphabet - Another goodie from Oliver Jeffers, one of our favourite authors.

My selection for Alexa:

Pat The Bunny - Alexa loves her touchy-feely books.
A Little Bit of Oomph - After the success of Beautiful Oops, which she adores, we have to get this.
Polar Bear - Eric Carle!
A Bit Lost - We'd like this one purely based on the cover. Gah!
Things that Go - Lift the flaps and coloring in one? Yes!

I'm so excited for this year and what it brings. This is definitely one way to start it right. :)